Michishige Sayumi Style Liner Notes ⑬ 『KILAi STAR LIGHT』

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Michishige Sayumi Style Liner Notes





A song shown at the 『SAYUMINGLANDOLL~Tokyo~』 second additional performances.
For this song too, it was a song prepared for the additional performances, and Oomori Seiko-san wrote it for me.
Up until now ballads was an atmosphere I had, singing this was very hard.
I just remember the hardships with the recording (lol) Actually when it heard it done, I thought, 『It’s a me like songー! As expected from Oomori-san!!』


I feel like getting challenged by something new like this is a real delight.
From here on too, I want to sing all kinds of songs without fear! It’s a song that makes me feel that again.










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