Michishige Sayumi Style Liner Notes ⑭ 『It's You』

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Michishige Sayumi Style Liner Notes







⑭It’s You
A song recorded for Morning Musume。’s 9th Original Album 『Platinum 9 DISC』.
And this song was my first solo song in my life!
At the time, I had the 『I’m cute』 character so, for a solo song, I’m coming out with a lovely style song? I had arbitrarily imagined that but, unbelievably, it’s a arrogant sexy style!
I was surprised but, in a me at the time way, seriously, I faced the song and sang it recklessly.
At the time doing performance at lives, I challenged and experimented a lot with maturity and sexiness too.
And, at lives as backup dancers, Takahashi Aichan and Kamei Eri-chan did it with me but, it seemed like the 2 backup dancers were more attractive than the me singing with the mic alone in the center, what can I do to 『catch people’s eyes』… I worried about it a lot, I thought about it frantically.
Not doing that well, at rehearsals I cried often you know (lol)
But, with that timing, the me that time enoucnting this song, I feel I got to grow a lot from it. I’m grateful from my heart to Tsunku♂san.








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