Michishige Sayumi Style Liner Notes ⑮ 『Aruiteru (updated)』

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Michishige Sayumi Style Liner Note





⑮Aruiteru (updated)[tl: Walking]
I love this song! 
For the original, Morning Musume。’s 31st Single song with all the members but,
『Walking but, I like it! I love it! I love love love it』 I said that all over, I said that all over, in the best album 『The Best!~Updated Morning Musume。~』 I got sing it as a solo songs. It really made me happy. It was a moment where I thought from my heart that I should say I like the things I like.


The hook’s lyrics, 『You’re not alone, everyone is here』, my feelings are just that of my 17 self when I encountered this song.
In those days, me in Morning Musume。 didn’t stand out at all, and for that I’d worry about it for days but, when I got to sing the song in lives, 『Aa, there are people who are watching me at the edge, I’m not alone, do my best』 I felt that.
『You’re not alone, everyone is here』 That’s right, I, I’m not alone. alright, I’ll do my best! 17 year old me felt that from my heart.
Really, these lyrics, this song, it saved me so much, so much I don’t know how much.
I feel it’s the theme song for my life so, it’s a song I wouldn’t leave out of this memorial album.












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