Michishige Sayumi Style Liner Notes ⑯ 『Shabadaba Du~』

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Michishige Sayumi Style Liner Notes






⑯Shabadaba Du~
Morning Musume。’14;s 57th Single, and my Morning Musume。 Graduation Single Solo Song.
I’ve said it often but, this sog too, when I first saw the lyrics, I thought, 『How!? Tsunku♂san, Do you know my feelings!?』.
Especially the, 『That time we met〜(…)〜I was actually just sleepy』 that part,
『Eh!? Did that leak!?』 I remember being a little flustered (lol)
And that at the same time he was again really looking at me well you know, I felt that.


And this song, I sing it with a whisper voice whispering.
Actually, at the time of the recording, at first I sang it with my usual voice to it. Singing for around 3 hours total, 『My last single, I sang all outーー!』 thinking that, Tsunku♂san said, 『Ah we should try singing it in a whisper voice yah!』 he proposed it, I was a little shocked but (lol) in my approximately 12 years in Morning Musume。, it’s like this all the time, Tsunku♂san, with everything one by one, without compromise he’d point things out, he’d kindly give advice. I’m filled with gratitude for it.
Actually at the time, listening to it and comparing it myself, the whisper voice was more 『like me』 brought out in full force, I felt that. I got to take a cute MV too, it was supremely delightful!








Shabadaba Du〜 MV







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