Michishige Sayumi Style Liner Notes ⑰ 『Lalala no Pipipi』

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Michishige Sayumi Style Liner Notes





⑰Lalala no Pipipi
Recorded for Morning Musume。’s 13th Original Album 『⑬ Colorful Character』, its my solo song.
The lyrics are very cute but, actually there’s a bit of a sad part too.
Just, when I first heard this song, at the start of the song for a while it was all just 『La』 and 『Pi』 lyrics was shocking (lol)
Now I couldn’t think of any other lyrics for it but, at first it was really surprising.


And you know, it’s probably true but, I have a story I haven’t said anywhere up until now〜(lol)
After singing 『Lalala no Pipipipi』 the chorus voices come in but, actually there’s just a little secret there,
After the first 『Lalalaーlaー noー Pipipipiー』, it’s 『Sayu-chan♩』, after the next 『LalalaーlaーnoーPipipipiー』 it’s 『Party Party♩』, that’s me singing (lol)
That’s right. It’s even more 『Sayu-chan party』!!!
Everyone, did you realize that???
Those of you who have heard this song up to now, those who haven’t I want you to try listening to it again thinking about that.


And, the real pleasure of this song of anything is!
At lives the 『Kawaii ko wa? Pipipi』 part, it’s the part that has all the fans saying, 『Kawaii ko wa?』『SAYUMINーー!!』!
This, at the time, before recording, I was practicing outloud at home, and after I said 『Kawaii ko wa?』 immediately Big Sis-chan went 『SAYUMINーー!!』, At first I was like, 『That’s funny!』 but, in turn she went, 『Eh? This yell is great right!? Get all the fans to say it too!』 That’s how it went, and going that way I asked that of everyone yah.
From there everytime my request is answered and all the fans say 『SAYUMINーー!!』, I love you all♡


From the bottom of my heart I love this song. It’s precious. And so, for all my life I’ll be singing 『Lalala no Pipipi』 for sure.
And everyone too all your life I want to get you to say 『Kawaii ko wa?』『Sayuminーー!!』 for me♡


Coming across 『Lalala no Pipipi』 the song, for me it’s really a joy!!







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