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2019-11-29 13:03:27



Good Afternoon風船





I got invited to the Fountain Pen Best Coodrinate Awards as a future generation ambassador!!!キラキラ


For Fountain Pen, appearances is very fashionable, and beautiful,
Just holding it makes me stand up straight, or rather
I very much raised my awareness of things!!




At the event, in practice, I tried wrtiing characters using a fountain pen!!


↑The above’s 『Arigatou。』 was written earlier but,
I was so nervous the characters got all GataGata shaky 😂
Even so the feeling writing was really good, it felt like through character by character my feelings went into the writingハート





For the New Year’s card,
I very much had fun writing while being impressed by the smooth sensation writing!!✨
I writing in the first place but
trying to use a fountain pen I’ve come to like it even more
I want to write again soon yah! That’s how I felt!!💓






I got to take a picture with hoset Ayukawa Rumi-san!!!
She’s very kind to me
I was really happy!!!!!!
She was really friendly, a person with a fantastic smile♡





Getting invited to a fantastic event,
I’m grateful!!!!
Thank you so much!!ラブラブ






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