♡Blooming Sakura Do Donuts♡

2020-03-06 12:23:26






It’s an announcement!!!!🌸




Mister Donut-san’s new product
『Sakura ga Saku Do Doーnatsu』 [tl: Blooming Sakura Do Donuts], I’m appearing in the CM!!




Since I was small I’ve frequently gone to and eaten lots of it, Mister Donut❤️
Beloved Mister Donut❤️
Unexpectedly just getting to appear in the CM…
It really makes me happy!!!










🌸🍩 Blooming Sakura Do Donuts 🍩🌸



Springy texture, special batter, giving the image of sakura flowers 「Sakura Mocchito Donuts」, 3 kinds
Apart from the standard donut, to the popular french cruller batter, sakura flavor powered is kneaded into it, 「Sakura French」 3 kinds
Donut pops, Sakura flavored 「Sakura Donut Pop」






I got to eat it during the shoot♡


It was yummyーーー!!!✨


First, from the look, from the pink part it’s the best yah 💕
It’s cute that’s why!!!💕


And, in any case it’s mocchimochi springy!!!
My beloved texture 😍💓






At Mister Donut-san nationwide, from today until the beginning of April, it’s a limited sale


For sure I want you to eat it!❤️❤️❤️








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