2020-03-12 23:03:10



Note: This is a wild fantasy.
Everyone together let’s wildly fantasize freely!


Well then, let’s start!❤️










Hey everyone!!!!


From tomorrow


It’s the bus tourrrrr!!!!!






From tomorrow for 2 days…


I wonder if it’ll be clear skies…!?♩




Lately I’m totally going


『Weather Yamanashi』『Weather Tokyo』


I’ve been looking it up ☀️🌞☀️🌞




Yah that’s right!
A bus tour custom hashtag, this time
it’s like what’s in the title
let’s go with 『#さゆ妄想かわいいバスツアー』 [tl: SayuWildFantasyCuteBusTour]!?







I’m looking forward to tomorrow onーーー!!!
Please give me your support ❤️








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