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Birthday Event Goods Shoot Offshots口笛ガーベラガーベラガーベラ





SayuUsa Patch onーうさぎ pose!




Event though I’m blinking I”ll put it upー❤️
part two↓


For part one, look one blog back kay lol






That birthday event’s
DVD mail order is starting upラブラブ







The CM video will be around the middle of the month
I think it’ll be up then so wait for it kayーラブラブラブラブラブラブ




Yah that’s rightピンクハート


In the birthday event,
The canceled
『Michishige Sayumi Fanclub Tour 2020in Yamanashi, Fr・om・there ♡ Cute Places!!』
scheduled 『Shiroi Hane』’s Image V special cut version was shown ピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート





Well as a DVD special featuer
a full version of was recorded too〜!!!!






As a special thing!?
The Image V shoot’s offshot 🦢
These outfits, I got a picture shoot for it too so… I still all kinds of unset things but…
Some day for sure… you knowジンジャーブレッドマン






DVD is 2 sets, for DISC2
I did a little while back an on location doing what I wanted to do〜口笛口笛口笛



It was so funーーーうさぎラブラブ


Of course I feel like I want everyon to see it soon!


I probably look forward to seeing it myselfー lol






By the way currently
the birthday event’s
photo & album set are up for mail order too so if you like〜!花火












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