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2020-08-08 08:49:13







Last night you know…
I had 32 items saved in the writing in progress blogs in the AmePro app so


I was cleaning up!






『Good Afternoonー』


It’s just that and it’s done


Even though I hadn’t really written anything it ended up saving it


I just purged those but



Of the ones that were relatively long
I’ll give you 1ー! lol lol






It’s from June of 2017!!!!!













The other day,



『Today it’s warm so lets eat on the verandaー!』



Big sis-chan proposed it,



and so we at lunch on the verandaラブラブラブラブ





when eating lunch on the veranda,






we could hear the sound of the windアセアセ




At first, I couldn’t tell but,



But of course we couldn’t hold out



『It’s cold! Let’s go in the room kay!!!』



I went in the room but



Big sis-chan in a one layer sleeveless



stayed on the veranda until the end



Amazing huhーーー!!!!! She’s not coldーーーー!!!!!



I felt that!



Bg sis-chan’s handmade












That’s it. lol





This, did I put this up in the end!?
I didn’t right!?
If you’ve seen this before, sorry. lol






I’ll attach pictures from 2017 too kay ❤️ lol






Next is from my private timeパー






Nostalgic huh…えーんラブラブラブラブラブラブ






Puting up blogs saved in the app from the past, how was it?? lol




Well then, laters kay!!
I hope you have a fantastic today tooキラキラ










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