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2020-08-09 21:19:39




The timeslip blogs seem favorableー口笛
It’s part two! lol




This was done May of 2019ー!!!


But well this, I feel like I put it up you knowー??


But whatever!!!! If I’ve covered it, sorry kay! lol










Lately, I’ve just been eating Haichuu Premium





How I recommend eating it is,
put a grape flavored one in your mouth first and clew it some,
when there’s about half the grape flavor one left


put a yogurt flavor in your mouth!!




Eating htem individually is yummy of course but
I like this way the most!


It’s not from yogurt to grape
it’s grape to yogurt yah!!!!!


I tasted both orders but,
from grape to yogurt was absolutely delicious











That’s it. lol






Pictures from around May of 2019!!!
















It’s the time when I was doing all kinds of work heading towards my 30th birthday yahピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート







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