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2020-08-09 23:17:43




It’s Timeslip Blog part 3!!!!!!



This one is from June of 2017爆笑


















The other day, or rather, I put it up in an update some time back



A letter from elementary school me to my grandma-chan鉛筆



I meant to put up the envelope too but, I forgot to put it upタラー







That’s like me huh!


This letter set is so nostalgicえーんピンクハート





I really liked it, I have memory of using it preciouslyピンクハート



リボンa cute letter set partyリボン
I want to make one as goods yah〜ハートハートハート





With that letter set, everyone can write me lettersー!!!!ピンクハート





That’d pretty good huh!? lol






Even so, solo PuriKura…
it feels like that era of things huh!?(lol)















That’s it!






By the way, for that blog I put up before that I gave to my grandma-chan, it’s here 💁‍♀️
[Tl note: fan-translations here]




Well then well then
The customary 2017 pictures timeニコニコ








Nostalgic huh…
Fun fun bus tour with everyone 2017!!!!!!








P.S It’d really be great if we could someday release letter set goods huhー🎀🤗















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