2021-04-17 19:45:11

Good Evening!!
Just recently I’ve been doing lots of shoots and stuff!✨
Happiness! 爆笑
And, an announcement ラブラブ
ピンクハート M-line Special 2021〜Make a Wish!〜 ピンクハート
‘s SNS priority applications are starting up! 星
5/16 (Sun) Meguro Persimmon Hall
Appearing:Michsihige Sayumi/PINK CRES./Miyamoto Karin
5/22 (Sat) Sapporo Doushin Hall
Appearing:Michishige Sayumi/PINK CRES./Miyamoto Karin
Application deadline is, 4/20 (Tue) 23:59!
By all means, totally, for sure ラブラブラブラブラブラブ
Please give me your support うさぎちょうちょヘビ
Pictures I put up on Insta… or so it looks like, these are different!!!🤗
Cutting my hair
I’m so happy I did it… 💓
Well, well…
I might want to cut it even more!!!?
Oh I don’t know if I’ll cut it but
right now I feel like that 照れ?キラキラ
Well this ended up being the ending but
I’ll show you the genius breakfast I ate today

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