First In A While…

2021-04-26 09:48:19

Good Morning!
About a week ago I wrote this
And I couldn’t put it up this blog so now I’ll put it up
(The first in a while
time slip blog I think right…? 爆笑
Good Afternoon!
It’s sudden but…
My❣️ Recent
💝💝💝Liked things💝💝💝
⭐️Drinking Koucha
More than before, when I’m at home I been reaーーーlly drinking it up❣️
Of course my number 1 is Earl Grey and Darjeeling , I like the royal path!
⭐️Hi-Chew Premium
This one yesterday I ate it for the first time in a relative while yesterday (Yesterday I ate the white peach flavor!) Totally yummy〜 I went 照れ口笛てへぺろ, ♩
⭐️New Notebook
Sinec yestrday I started using a new notebook, and the feel of the material, how it takes to pen are outstanding, it makes writing characters very funー!!!花火
It’s an off shot festival from this year’s calendar〜!!!
The cherry one piece 👗 it was cute 💓
I want to wear a girly one piece and hat! I made that request and they prepared these kind of cute clothes for me, it made me happy 義理チョコうさぎクッキー
I think I haven’t put these pictures up anyone else before but…
if you’ve gotten them before sorry yah えーんえーんアセアセ
The donuts, cake, and chocolated croissant look yummy yahー❣️ I’m jealous 😂 Now! I want to eat them 😂💓
With that that’s the blog I wrote about 1 week ago パー
By the way you know!
Koucha is delicious and I love it but
drinking koucha I inevitably end up wanting to eat chocolate 😆
Eating chocolate while it’s melting from the warmth of the koucha is the most yummy for sure yahー!? キョロキョロラブラブ
Well then!
I’ll update again later kay ピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート

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