2021-04-26 00:24:07

『M-line Special 2021 ~Make a Wish!~』
5/4・An appearance at the Nakano Sunplaza Performance was scheduled but,
Due to the increase in infaction of the novel Corona Virus a state of emergency was declared, and the holding of the performance was postponed.
For details please look at our official webpage.
Please give us your support.
The live itself, and more than anything getting to see everyone was something really really looked forward to and so, it’s really unfortunate and can’t be helped
It seems as much as possible they’re looking for a make up performance but, based on schedules some of you might not be able to come to it too,
and it seems it might end up being that we just wouldn’t be able to do a make up performance too…
Thinking about that gets me really really frustated and sad.
But, everyone’s health and smiles are more important than anything so…
whenever we can meet again for sure let’s do it with smiles kay!!
These pretty unforeseen circumstnaces are continuing on for a long time but, I hope that even one day sooner that things get better than it is now.

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