2021-04-27 18:24:42

Good Evening!
The other day’s Ametaーーlk!
Since I saw the one with the entertainer that love candies, I’ve totally wanted to eat Bontan Ame but
Tracking them down they were suddenly not around you know, these Botan Ame…
That quick…melt in your mouth starch wrapper, I want to do ti
I want that unmatched feelingー!!!!!えーん
Really, I would often eat Bontan Ame when I was small, it’s just that flavor in my memory you knowー!!
The first time eating it, the starch wrapper, I thought it was wrapping paper
When I learned you could eat it too, I was shocked and excited you know!!!!流れ星流れ星流れ星
And, speaking of candies
the ones that came out in the show too
The cola ramune
I’ve tried the one on the show but
I like the french fries one!
And the one with the 4 in it!!! You know what I mean?
That one is really yummy yah!!!
That one, I felt like if I broke it up before opening the bag I’d get to eat more so I eat it while breaking it up 😂
And, I love starch syrup too yah〜
With Bis Sis-chan we used starch syrup
playing dentist
Mom would go
You’ll give yourselves cavities stop it!!!!
She scolded us〜😂😂😂
and so
I want to eat Botan Ame I want to eat it
I’m thinking that and
eating Poifull while I made this blog 爆笑爆笑爆笑
Poifull is seriously yummy 爆笑爆笑爆笑ピンクハートキラキラ
Picutres from the other day when it was a good weather day ハートピンクハートハートピンクハート
Lots of shots of Sayu-chan huh あしあとあしあと
Everyone is there a candy that you like?? カキ氷

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