2021-04-29 21:22:21

I found themー!!!
Botan Ame 照れ
I ate it for the first time in a while but, it’s very yummy yah 照れイエローハート星チョコがけハート
I’m continously talking about candies yah 😆
The candy I like that I didn’t write about on my blog the other day〜
I really like Yooguretto too !!ブルーハート
Yooguretto seems like it’s out as medicine but what’s inside it??
When I was a kid, I did my best eating this kind large medicine… eating these Yooguretto while being immersed, I very much like it yah〜 ブルーハーツブルーハーツブルーハーツ
Actually, it’s a veーーry yummy candy 笑い泣きラブラブラブラブラブラブ
And, I like Kuppi Ramune too,
In the 3 gum, just 1 is super sour!
That’s fun too, it was yummy yah〜
Ah, and!
I don’t know if it counts as candy? but
gummies that are strings! I really like those too yah〜
I’d braid them together and eat them you know 😆
And that one too!
There’s the one ramune in the candy,
and the part you have turns into gum!!
Looking it up
that’s the name of the candy
It seems like they don’t have it anymore…?💦
That one seems extra special, I liked it ✨
And you knowー!
Yanyan Tsuke Boー!
I seriously like those too!!!!♡
Well a that seems fine balance, it’s like a game with the remaining choco you have, I’ve loved it since I was small!❤️
A, and and
speaking of candy shops
there’s Morning Musume。 raw pictures too yahー!!
the random ones where you can tell what’s inside!!
I really did those a lot
there was a year where I bought a lot as a New Year’s gift too 😂😂😂
How nostalgic yah… ピンクハート
I’m always looking at the comments ❤️ Thank you yah ❤️❤️❤️
[tl pic: it says Sakura Saku /”blooming sakura” mirrored]

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