From Today It’s May♩

2021-05-01 13:04:35

ピンクハート M-line Special 2021~Make a Wish!~ピンクハート
Even more performances have been decided!!♩
The new performances announced are…
クローバー 6/5(Sat) Nagoya Town Hall
Michishige Sayumi / PINK CRES. / Suzuki Airi / Miyamoto Karin
クローバー 6/12(Sat) NHK Osaka Hall
Michishige Sayumi / PINK CRES. / Suzuki Airi / Miyamoto Karin
Guest Oda Sakura(Morning Musume。’21)・Kishimoto Yumeno(Tsubaki Factory)
That’s it!!照れ
Well, it’s many!! おねがいおねがいおねがい
Fanclub applications for it have already started ✨✨
Deadline is 5/7(Fri) until 10:00 虹
Getting to see everyone, I’m really looking forward to it キラキラ
But, we’re in this situation so, I think there are those that can’t come too.
Whatever it is, please just don’t do anything unreasonable okay!!!!
Everyone’s health and smiles are more important than anything…!💓
Goods off shot pictures〜 ピンクハート
From today it’s May right 花束
You’ve turned your calendars〜? I think〜?? うさぎ

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