Steadfast Number One Is…

2021-05-02 21:50:08

Good Evening ピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート
The things I end up buying automatically when I go to the convenience store
Sayumi’s steadfast number 1 in ranking is….
Mentaiko Mayonnaise Onigiri 🍙
Today I ate it for the first time in awhile without realizing that but…
it’s very much the yummiest〜!!!! キラキラ
That gleaming rice intertwined mentaiko mayonnaise it’s really yummy….!
And going to the convenience store,
of course at the register I automatically end up buying a cafe latte yahー!
And the ice cream corner too there’s things I’ll buy or won’t there
but I definitely see them right away yah!!
Well well, I generally buy it yah!!
For no reason today I didn’t eat any but I’m saving up for ice cream〜〜
And thinking that
generally during those days I’ll eat it!!
I do I do!
Today I bought my beloved Poifull the same as always too 流れ星スライムUMAくんトロピカルカクテル
For Poifull and gummy stuff
when I’m hungry having this image of frequently picking at it with my finger, I hide it in my bag!
thinking that I bought it but
of course, that day at home I eat it all you know!!
I do I do😆
The End 💝
Of course it’s not over 💝
I’ll put up May’s Sayumin 💝💝💝
Sporty style clothes
with Usachan hair, I wanted to do it!
That’s how I felt about it イルカ うさぎ
The End 💝
Next is really the end 💝
But I’ll update later kay💝💝💝

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