2021-05-03 14:40:35

星 Movie I Saw Recently 星
『Purada wo Kita Akuma』 {tl aka: “The Devil Wears Prada”}
It was interesting〜〜〜!!!✨✨
The clothes and accessories were fashionable it was WakuWaku exciting〜!!
The protagonist woman’s movement was cool and awesome〜!!
The steaks that appeared in the movie looked yummy〜〜!!
The day I saw the movie I ate steak for dinner.
The movie’s influence is big!
Recent pictures♩
Blue Label clothes ピンク薔薇赤薔薇
They’re really cute, one of my favorites 花束 おとめ座
Pictures from some time✨✨
Hiding acne on my cheeks 😭 lol
Thank you for looking at today’s blog too ラブラブ

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