2021-05-04 11:29:29

Good Morning ✨
Originally at Nakano Sunplaza
it’d be M-Line Concert Day but…
today we ended up not being able to…
Originally I might have been able to see everyone todayー! I might have stood on stageー!
Thinking about it…
Of course it feels lonely yah💦
In any case for now I’m wishing the situation can get even a little better.
Everyone please take care of your health too yah ✨
Just recently?
No, I think it’s been since the start of the year maybe?
It’s food I’ve been totally into ♡
Natto・raw egg・green onions グリーンハート!!
A wonderful combination!!!!
Natto wise, lately I’ve been liking hikiwarinattou, nattou made from ground soybeans ハート
But taking pictures I haven’t really caught any shotsー😂
Ah, before, this might’ve looked pretty good! This is the one I’m thinking of!
I made thisー!!!ラブラブラブラブ
I tried putting the grated cheese fancy style lol
The taste you knowー!
So, so
so yummy!
Neapolitan hs lots of ingredientsー
the pasta too usually with one portion I get really very full びっくり
Next time I make it maybe an 8th as much would be fine!?
thinking about making it, I get hungry
usually I make 1 portions worthーyahー!?😆😆😆
Well then, I’ll update later kay!!
Pictures from a fun day 照れ照れ照れピンクハート

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