Lots of Aー Sayu Pictures!

2021-06-09 08:12:49

バースデーケーキ Michishige Sayumi Birthday Event 2021 バースデーケーキ
Zepp DiverCity♡
2nd applications are starting up うさぎさくらんぼ
M-line club 2nd Applicantions
Hello! Project NEXT Priority Applications
It’s on my birthday day 🎂
MC is Kitabayashi Asuka-san 🍵
A little… no more like a bit back?
when I met with Aーchan I took these pictures but, I hadn’t but them up so, with this timing all at once
I’ll put them up グリーンハートピンクハートグリーンハートピンクハート
Back when I still had loーーーng hair yah ハートグラサンハート
When I’m with Aーchan, I’m always smiling 😆✨
Funny, kind, funny, reliable
She’s like a second big-sis-chan for me ❤️🍵
Aーchan took pictures for me ラブラブグリーンハーツ
The food I eat with Aーchan are yummy yah〜☺️
Pasta and dessert, it was very yummy 🍮
I look forward to the birthday event ♡♡♡♡♡
The 2nd application time is until 6/14 (Mon) 17:00 ✨
Please give me your support 🐰

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