Bonsai Shop

2021-06-13 14:19:28

Good Afternoon!
The other day, I found this Bonsai Shop
I tried peeking in チューリップ
It’s all just similar pictures, sorry lol
My grandpa-chan had lots of bonsai you know〜
I felt nostalgic for it…♡
When I was a kid, with grandpa-chan we went to a Bonsai exhibit? like place
They had prices written on the bonsai
Ehーー!!!! Expensiーーーーーve!!!!
I remembered thinking that 照れ
At that bonsai exhibit I meet grandpa-chan’s friend
You’re cute huh
I kinda remember getting told that you know 😂
Nostalgic… 💘
I took this 4.5 years ago
The garden at grandpa-chan’s house ピンクハート
In this pond, back in the day
had koi fish in itー!!!
I liked giving them food yah…✨
From this rock to this rock↓
I’d play with my siblings, “can you jump over this?” 🤣
Even though grandma-chan and mom would tell us it’s dangerous
we’d do it when they weren’t looking yah… 😂😂😂
I’d think big bro-chan crossed it but
I didn’t have the courage and couldn’t try it 😆
In a place I didn’t take a picture of
Only to that point in the plaec where the rocks aren’t far apart I’d jump over them a bit 🚀
This was a reminiscient story♩

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