2021-06-18 15:22:19

The other day, I put on Twitter,
This two shot with Fukuchan❤️↓
[tl pic: “Rehearsal! With Fukuchan! (emojis) Looking forward to the show–“]
and with the image of Fukuchan was emojis
The emoji meanings, do you pretty much get them???
The answers are〜🎉
🦀 because Fukuchan has a crab for a pet
💄 because after the Jill Stuart Instalive I appeared on, Fukuchan expressly contacted me to tell me she bought the lip product I introduced on the InLive
👙 because it suits Fukuchan
🍅 because it’s one of the fruits Fukuchan likes
🧃 because a little bit back Fukuchan had vegetable juice on her Insta
💴 because she’s a high class girl
🧧 because it’s Fukuchan
🔳 because Fukuchan likes elevator buttons
🔲 Fukuchan Fukuchan
That’s it !!爆笑爆笑爆笑
Today was rehearsals too❤️
This isn’t today’s pictures though 😂
Nakano Sun Plaza, I’m looking forward to it ピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート
Pictures from last time at Nakano Sun Plaza!
My hair being long feels nostalgic 照れ照れ照れ
Yesterday’s InstaLive was fun too 🍌🥭🍉
In a corner of the studio, it ended up like my house 🐰
For looking at today’s blog too, thank you so much
Look for the next one too kay ラブラブラブラブラブラブ

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