Hikaru-chan, Nihei-chan

2021-06-21 13:34:40

at yesterday’s performance,
doing the #MSMW live together with PINK CRES.’s HIkaru-chan and Nihei-chan,
for me it was my last 😭
Hikaru-chan and Nihei-chan ピンクハートハートピンクハートハート
Sheesh, the 2 of them are really cute… 💓
For me, before the M-line special started,
I reas really worried… or rather I was DokiDoki heartpounding but…
these 2 were there so there were lots of parts where they saved me!
Of course in the show too but
even in rehearsals, they made it fun, these two have such huge powerーーー!!!!!
Yesterday being the last was kinda lonely feeling 😭
But in private we’ll go eat and hang out yah, we talked about it yesterday too 💕
I’m looking forward to that day 💕💕💕
getting to talk with her from the first day of reherasals
how she addressed me,
it was like a girl in a manga addressing her beloved senpai from the same school…lol
I, I, I like you!!!!(//∇//)
It was that kind of tension lol
At the time, I was really really
happy yah💓
even now remembering it
Yesterday, talking with Hikaru-chan and the staff,
the staff went,
『How did you end up being so close?』
they asked
『It was because Hikaru-chan’s talked with me since the first day of rehearsals!』
it felt like that, and when I said that Hikaru-chan went,
『When I went to see Michishige-san’s performance, and when we talked in the dressing room I liked the atmosphere, and I felt like this time for sure I want to get closer! I have to talk to her! I had decided it in my heart』
she said that 😭😭😭
I was moved 😭💓
Thinking about it in that way,
it all happened from that first day of rehearsals.
That feels of enthusiasm, it being in Hikaru-chan, that is…
I、I、 I like you!!!!(//∇//)
it had turned into that kind of excitement lol
The memory of the opening day of rehearsals
it hits me in the chest, Kyun 💕💕💕
Being with Hikaru-chan without concern, being together always has me smiling♡
Together yesterday we sang
Chuu! Natsu Pa〜rty
during rehearsals,
『Michishige-san, what kind of pose would be cute?』
she asked me
『Mm〜 maybe this?🐱 maybe this??🐰
Mmーーー…一for now let’s ask Siri! lol』
it ended up like that
Hikaru-chan asked Siri but
over and over asking in different ways
Teach me cute poses!?
what is cute!?
even asking that
It totally, entirely went,
I’m sorry, I can’t answer that. 📱
That’s what it said 😂
No, writing it this way it might not seem that funny!!!! lol
But Hikaru-chan and I, asking Siri
“I can’t answer that”
when we got told that
it was so funny we were rolling on the floor laughing 😆
In the end,
for cute poses, Siri couldn’t teach us so
we ended up going, “We just go for the simple way then huh,”❤️
Memories with Hikaru-chan
there were so many events that made me happy, were fun, and were cute, I can’t write them all out! lol
These about 4 months…
having varioud memories like this is amazing huh 😭♡
I like Hikaru-chan!
she’s so comforting yah💓💓💓
Yesterday with a letter and
expressly we had developed pictures 😭
it’s fine having pictures on a smartphone too but, having something in form really, really really makes me happy…
Thank you, Hikaru-chan ❤️
Nihei-chan 💓
Yesterday, Nihei-chan
gave me letter, and candy 😭♡
since before the start of the show was crying in my dressing room…😢
She’s just so sweet 😭💓
She has bottomless cheer, there’s always smiles around her
Me too talking with Nihei-chan I’m holding my stomach laughing countless times and
thinking back to it
when we had a chance to talk
It’s always Nihei-chan talking about something to me! ❣️
Bright, funny, and always energetic with a cheerful feel too but
more than others, delicately seeing around her reading the room
and bring smiles to those around her, that’s the kind of girl she is yah
Always bright but
in that brightness is a feeling of kindness…💓
↑ Like a baby, it’s cute ♡
Nihei-chan, she’s usually very funny but,
when it comes to performances, she’s cool, I love that gap too you know …💕
Nihei-chan’s rehearsal outfit is a PichiPichi youthful jersey that I like, I talked about it and
she wore it for me for the final day of rehearsal we got to do together 😆
I like that kind of stuff about her too!
Seeing the PichiPichi jersey and, expressly picking that jersey for the final day of rehearsals with me, that feeling that she remembered what happened with me made me happy 💓
And you know,
the letter from Nihei-chan,
she write such a wonderful composition crammed on 2 pieces of stationery,
There was countless writing fixes with correction tape lol
To Nihei-chan I said, 『This letter, you used a lot of correction tape huh!?』
I said it without thinking though lol lol
She seems like she can kinda do anything
occasionally she has a clumsy side or rather, she can be a little airheaded, but in that part too she’s lovelyー💓💓💓 I love her
Thank you ❤️
Really really early
I wanted to meet the 2 of them
I wanted to know deeply about PINK CRES.
No matter what I felt that way but
even with this timing, getting to know them makes me really happy ❤️✨
M-line Special, for the 2 of them,
it was just songs they didn’t get to do up to now,
Even having seen them,
memorizing it in such a short time seems really really hard I think but,
seeing the two of them really being hard workers I felt respect of them.
I’ll be watching PINK CRES.’s last live remotely!!
I hope you shine even more in your life after this…✨✨✨✨

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