2021-06-22 11:58:37

An announcement!!!!💓💓💓
In a state of constant postponing….
Is scheduled for July〜〜〜 おねがいおねがいおねがいピンクハート
The days of getting to go to Cottonclub are coming huh 😭
First off, I’m filled with feelings of gratitude being able to perform!
It’s been since January of last year…
about 1 and a half years!!!!😭
Happinesssss ❤️
For the Kibou performances, July will be the final so
by all means I want you to come うさぎピンクハート
But we’re still in a situation where we can’t relax so I want to go but can’t go… there are those of you like that too huh…
thinking about that really it’s frustrating… and lonely…
but no matter what, no matter what, please don’t do anything unreasonable kay.
Really. Rally. I want things to get back to a more relaxed situation if even a day sooner. I hope things to go back to normal…
FC Priority Applications,
were starting up yesterday ピンクハート
【M-line club FC Priority Applications】
The deadline is, 6/27 (Mon) 23:59 ちょうちょマカロン
※This time’s FC Priority applications, unlike the usual application method, it’ll be application through ticketpia’s application form.
Ticketpia membership (Free) is required.
Please proceed to M-Line official fanclub Web site’s
『SAYUMINGLANDOLL~Kibou~』 FC Priority application announcement post, 【Apply from here】.
Please give me your support チョコカップケーキチョコがけハートキラキラ

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