With a smile

Becky Cruel-chan gave me these gifts
Ahh I’m so touched (;_;)


Just meeting her was moving, but now gifts…
Ahh but exciting me beyond this point
will turn me quirky


Yep, I’ve definitely turned quirky


I’m at an insane level of excitement
and I can’t stop smiling ( ̄∀ ̄)


All thanks to Becky Cruel-chan ♪


Thank you very much


She gave me
her CD “Tsubasa wo kudasai”
and her DVD “This is Becky Cruel”


and this scarf personally chosen by her
and these ball-point pens
and these pin badges


Thank you


I’ll be sure to treasure them!!!!


But, I definitely won’t use them!


I’ll be sure to store them in a safe place!!!


She signed both the CD and DVD


I’m so grateful!!!!


Anyway, I need to stop smiling now




……….. *smiles*


Ah it’s no use, it’s become my mouth shape
It won’t loosen up


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  1. Wow! Sayu is a true “Otaku”. Don’t use the item, Don’t open and Keep in a safe place. If you can get extra item acquire it for emergency purposes.

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