Thank you

I gave Becky Cruel
a biiig hug


But when I hugged her
I was afraid I was gonna break her or something
She’s so delicate


We danced together to “Danjou”, a video Becky Cruel is known for upping to the internet


We also danced to Morning Musume’s Kimagure Princess


I was so touched that Becky Cruel knows
Morning Musume’s songs perfectly!


Although we couldn’t really communicate
We laughed together, and had a good time together
it was very moving


Becky Cruel-chan’s style and appearance
are, of course, cute and have no bounds
and her personality and inner self
are also cute and have no bounds! (≧∇≦)


She has a truly captivating smile,
and she takes on everything with all her might,
and she’s the type who always looks forward
I wanna have a cute personality just like her!
I really do


Becky Cruel-chan is always
laughing like “Kyaaaa ♪(≧∇≦)♪♪♪”


Even that is just sooo cute ↑♪


Every move she makes is so natural
and very docile
and the cuteness from her personality just oozes out of her ☆


Thank you very much for a lovely time today


And thank you for giving me valuable feelings, something that can’t be seen


Becky Cruel-chan thank you so much for today!


Well then, I
am a bit too excited right now… (lol)


So I’m gonna take a long bath,
and finish up some writing I have due tomorrow
and then head off to sleep early
because I have to prepare for tomorrow..


thank you for following along with me
on my super excited blog posts today


Being able to share with you my stories of happiness
in itself is another blessing for me!


I’m so glad I have all of you (*^o^*)


Please continue to support me from here on out (人´∀`)


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  1. Sayu was just so “over the moon” meeting Becky Cruel.. I wish she had her blog the time she met Ogura Yuko, another Idol she adores.. I bet she was acting the same way about that meeting especially after mentioning that she was now happy that Ogura Yuko now knows who she is!! :lol:

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