Morning Musume。’21 Live♪

2021-12-13 23:52:35

I went to see the Morning Musume。’21, Nippon Budokan Live!!
it was reaaaally good, especially the medley!! Oh my! The medley was oh my!!
It was like that when I was there too but, when you talk about Morning Musume。 the medleys are really great right!?
Once again I was moved by them.
And Sato’s graduation。
Sato’s smiles were reaaaaally cute!! She was shining✨
Again, I felt how much I love and adore when Sato is smiling.
Watching the stage, these smiles of Sato had saved me countless times, I remember that being real.
Sato being more subtle than anything, feeling and thinkinga bout all kinds of things,
Sato making lots of people feel better,
I hope that that kind of Sato is filling life with her smile even more from here on, with such wonderful things ✨
Happy Graduation.
Ahh so cute, very much so!!💚
It been about 2 years since Morning Musume。’21’s solo live but, it was so cool that it didn’t seem that way at all
But they really gave the feeling that getting to do a solo live for the first time in 2 years made them happy〜!!✨
Starting with Leader Fukuchan, and all the members
it was really wonderful ♡♡♡
I’m very much looking forward to the next Morning Musume。 event too!!!
I’m saying it over and over but, the medley was so wonderful……!
I couldn’t take pictures with the members so
I got to take pictures in the green room solo(lol)

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