Fantastic Space♡

2021-12-23 11:31:04

Good Afternoonー♪
It was a bit back but…
I’ll put up pictures from when I went out with my friend クリスマスツリースイカ
That’s where we wentー♡♡♡
From the entrance it was WakuWaku exciting ♪✨🐟
The back is totally open…😂
In the store was set for Christmas, it was cute yah 🎄
Seems the theme was Japan deliciousness done fun and healthy
Healthy food made me really happy 🥗🍔
It’s a hamburger but it’s not meat
It’s a jump mushroom so
it’s really healthy ✨ and full of vegetables too ✨✨
The Goofy cafe latte was cute too ☕︎
It was wonderful〜
It was a really fantastic fashionable space and soothing time〜♪♡☆
Well then, I’ll update later キラキラ

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