Christmas Party

2021-12-25 09:23:50

Merry Christmas 🎄💗💗💗
For yesterday’s eve
with an instalive
I had a Christmas party 🍗🎂🍕
Jaーーーーn !!!!!!ハート
The! Christmas feeling menu 🤶🎀
Ohhh myyyy〜!!!
It was exciting 😆♡
During the instalive and
after the instalive too
I ate a lot lol
Chicken, pizza, and cake, all totally yummy ♡
It’s been a while since I ate delivery pizza like this though♪
Of course it’s yummy〜 It’s the best 🍕✨
The other day, when I went to the gym for the first time in a while an instructor said
『Sayumi-chan, you have this image that you’re always eating junk!』 😂
『Always!?….no no, it’s not always…no well it might really be always!』 that’s how it turned out 😆
Junk is yummy that’s why!
I wonder when I’ll get a McD’s GuraKoroーーー
I want to eat another while within the limited period though you know!
I really like this year’s bolognese GuraKoro a lot🍝
I wonder if I’ll get to eat it againー!?
This cake I didn’t eat during the instalive too↓
It was really yummy♡
Inside were fruits, no way right!?
Mango! (Or, orange colored peaches? or, some kind of orange colored fruit)!
I ate it thinking it was mango ❣️
This various assorted set was cute too kyun💗
↑ This, I kinda put it on the SayuUsa plate 🐰🎀 but, there’s so much on it you can’t see it! lol
Thank you so much for the fun time 💓💓💓

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