Usachan Peace Year

2022-01-03 15:43:51

Happy New Year!
2022 has started huhー!!✨
Usachan Peace year!!!🐰
This year, for me it’s my atoyaku [tl note: year after a bad luck year] 😌
Well based on thing I’ve heard, people in their atoyaku seem strong 😂
Ah! That’s right!
Even turning into mochi
is because of your unlucky year!!!!
Right right,
so it can’t be helped right ピンクハート
Because of the unlucky year…. 鍋
Because of the atoyaku…..🍕
Or I should say バレエバレエバレエ
This is not related to the unlucky year lol
It’s just that I’m a girl whose appetite for food can’t be stopped 😢 that’s all so
I should do things right ピンクハート
Ah, by the way
The moment the new year came around… 上差し
I wanted to do the countdown in Animal Crossing
In total preparation I booted up Animal Crossing but
before the new year,
I fell asleep……
when it realized it was 0:20. lol
Well, there’s those kinds of years too huh 流れ星
I ate a lot
I slept a lot
It’s healthy right!!
Health is number 1 !!
Everyone too
2022, let’s spend it together healthily ピンクハート
I took so many self shots 😌
For this year too, even if it’s this kind of me
please give me your support 🥺💕

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