Thank You So Much For This Year Too!

2021-12-31 18:35:07

Before I knew it it’s 12/31…
2021’s last day huh!!
For December….
I ate a lot of GuraKoro yah lol
Really I ate it often!!!
This year’s bolognese GuraKoro, really ♡ I liked it so much 🍔🍝🍟
I look so happy 😌 lol
One’s not enough ya know!!😂

And with this part

that’s the GuraKoro talk….!lol
Thank you so much for this year too!
Continuing from last year, I haven’t been able to meet with everyone a lot this year too, even when we can meet it’s with restrictions yeah. But even in that, I was really really happy in that in July we got to have SAYUMINGLANDOLL for the first time in a while!!!✨
But, thinking about those of you who wanted to go but couldn’t, I think about those who couldn’t come for various reasons.
Thinking about it, there’s a part of me that feels bad about it too.
Soon for everyone who feels like they want to meet, I hope we can meet without restrictions……
Like that, among all the various feelings
for always reading my blog
and commenting
thank you so much♡♡♡
I love seeing everyone’s comments!
Even when we’re separated we’re connected.
For each topic I update with, reading your thoughts and responses,
『Of course fans would properly take notice here yah〜 That makes me happy』 being moved by that,
『Eh! I see! You could consider it that way or see it that way too huh! Amazing!!』 there’s things that impress me too♡
In any case you know,
all the fans
『often see me yah』
I really feel that♡♡♡
That you know, it always, it makes me really happy❣️
The comments of course but,
Just remembering all my fans
I can feel like I gotta do my best!! Really!!
It gives me motivation you know.
Even on days I can’t see everyone, imagining the day we’ll see each other I gotta do my best. That’s how it feels ♡
Even when they’re difficult times, anxious days, and lonely times
remember you fans
There are weird people there for meーー!!!
That’s what I think!😆💗
The sense of ease if amazing…!
Oh my, this is complete not put together….
It might just be such a long strange composition… lol
Well whatever, everyone’s weird so it’s fine 😆😆😆💕
In any case you know ♡
For being my supporters any time, thank you 💗💗💗
2022 too…
Please give me your support 🐰

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