19th Anniversary!

2022-01-19 13:51:46

1/19 is,
the day the 6ki members joined Morning Musume。!!
That’s right
6ki member’s 19th Anniversary Day!!
That’s it ❤️🧡💙💗
19 years…!?
Amazing huh…
No really amazing
Lately we haven’t been able to see each other again for a while
and this year too we don’t have a clear plan for when we could gather up again…
Getting lonely, thinking how I want to meet soon, getting anxious, depressed…
Even with SNS, I can’t get my own feelings my own words out well…
But, even then, at any time I can remmber everyone’s existence, and I’m really the comments properly too!!
Really for real real!!✨
And that gives me the power to do my best,
and it might sound like I’m exaggerating but, it gives me the power to live!! For real.
Thank you so much always 💕💕💕
And you know
speaking of 6ki!♡
Around the end of last year, there was a time I got to meet with Kamei Eri-chan you know.
We walked together outside, and then,
We saw this really really big shooting star!🌠
When I was a kid, on meteor shower days I’d go to see it with my family but, the shooting star I saw together with Eri, it was really clearly shining and really very big!!
It’s the first time I’d seen that kind of large shooting star!
A shooting star you know!
流れ星 ← You have that kind of image yah? A cute pop!
It wasn’t that
☄️← It was an image like this!

Really big!

Cute you know〜 Pretty yah〜
More than that,
It felt like it was like a meteorite,
Eeeeh what now!? A shooting star!? That big!!!!!!!! I wonder if it’ll fall down! lol
We were equally surprised!!
But, it seems like agood thing yah〜
it made me really happy キラキラ
Of course I couldn’t get pictures of the shooting star but
I’ll put up a picture of the full moon I saw with Eri 🌕 lol
By the way it was a different day than the shooting star day though!😆

It’s like a single ikura salmon roe huh lol lol
Looking like an ikura I couldn’t really get a picture well but, well, for me seeing this picture is calming ✨
For this year,
facing my 20th year…!I have feelings like that of course but
now, I feel like for everyone who likes what I can do how I do it and likes me, I feel like I want to give them 『Michishige Sayumi』 💗
And beyond that, everyone’s smiles, healing, improvement, joy…
I feel like I want to spread that kind of positivity a lot.
For the 20th year too, please support me no matter what❣️

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