2022-01-24 07:56:54

{tl note: The Pokemon Piplup is known as Pocchama/Pochama in Japanese. I’m going to just translate it as that across the board to make it consistent for when English is used like below.}
PUBLIC TOKYO meets PROJECT POCHAMA ブルーハートイエローハートブルーハート
Pochama Art Fest’s
{tl hashtag: AnokotoPochama aka That Girl And Pochama}
I got to participate in the theme’s project !!ラブラブ
I got to be the real life model for Miyama Ayumi-san’s illustration ✨✨

星 2022/1/29(Sat)〜2/6(Sun) 星
Openning at PUBLIC TOKYO Jinguumae store, as a pop up store, they’ll have a picture exhibit too so by all means please check out the location kay❣❣️❣️

Miyama Ayumi-san’s illustration is just so cute,
when I first saw it I felt like, 『Eh, so cute! I want this illustration as a postcard or just anything as goods!』 but…❤️
It seems it’s being sold at the pop up store as Tshirts…💙💗💙💗
Getting to be the real life version of that so cute girl in the illustration…
it makes me really happy 😭💕💕💕

The outfit is really cute cute too…♡ I’m greatly moved 🥺💗
The blue extensions for the shoot had me UkiUki cheery too 💙
For the shoot day I was really in a good mood the whoーle day ハートのバルーン

Pochama is cute, I loーーve it ブルーハートブルーハートブルーハートブルーハートブルーハート

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