Arbitrary Ranking and Popcorn Movie

2022-02-03 15:02:27

February has started or 指差し
It’s starting right! ひらめき
This year we’re already 1 month and 3 days in
It’s really〜 fast huh 不安ハッ
Every day is so cold
At home I’m eating nothing but onabe hotpot 🍲
The other day
I couldn’t forget about this yummy lookign crab nabe I saw on YouTube by chance
I ended up going with crab nabe….
It was luxurious, and it was so yummy 🍲
what vegetables do you like in your onabe?
For me, if I were to rank them arbitrarily
Shingiku, edible chrysanthemum⭐️
I can’t get enough of that slightly bitter feeling!!
When I go to get onabe with my friend, my friend doesn’t like shingiku and I can’t put it in though lol
when I’m with family or alone I totttally put it in!!!
It’s an easy pick but ☺️
onion is totally in there!!
This one is far and away the leader!!!
If it’s what you put in onabe far and away 1st is mizuna!!!!!
I love mizuna’s ShakiShaki crisp feel when being chewed!
More than salad mizuna, I love onabe mizuna!!!
My mom feels it too 『For Sayuchan it’s mizuna right〜』 she prepared lots for me ☺️
Meat wrapped in mizuna is yummy yah
And, I like lettuce nabe too you know
When doing motsunabe cabbage is yummy too yah!!!
I’m putting up a totally unrelated movie lol

[tl note: popping popcorn movie here, see her post for video]

Last year, when Big sis-chan and I made popcorn at home!!!!☺️

This popcorn is totally yummy right???

From the time we were making it both of us were really WakuWaku excited

Bis sis-chan too 『This popcorn, I make it often, so making it’s my specialty! Leave it to me!!!』

She was in high spirits,

And, well when it was done and we were eating…


It seemed like it was overcooked, and ended up burnt 💦

Really burnt the smell was amazing…

At first

When we started eating, Big sis-chan and I

didn’t want to notice that

『It’s yummy you know』『Mmhmm, yummyーー』

we said that but

about half way through progressing through it

Big sis-chan went

『it smells bad huh』

saying that to me finally

『Mmhmm, it’s badーーーーー』

I got to say it 😂 lol

After that
from the beginning we made popcorn
and the two of us
ate it while saying it was yummy yummy ☺️ lol
Next time we make it I want to try putting in good seasoning おとめ座

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