2022-02-05 08:34:13

[tl note: Pochama = Piplup]
💙 Michishige Sayumi × Project Pchama 「That Girl and Pochama」💙
#ポチャポチャアートフェス [tl: PochamaArtFest”]
#あの子とポッチャマ [tl: “AnoKoToPochama” aka “That Girl and Pochama”]
#プロジェクトポッチャマ [tl: “Project Pochama”]
PUBLIC TOKYO Jinguumae store held pop up store, goes until tomorrow, 2/6✨

💗 Similar Pose 💗

Miyama Ayumi-san’s illustration is really cute♡

It’s a really really fantastic space!!✨

The Tshirt with the illustration printed on it makes me happy too 💘

I want to wear it soon yah💙

Now it’s decorating my room ブルーハートブルーハートブルーハート

I have lots of picturess!!

With Pochama awareness

I wore Pochama colored clothes

and did Pochama colored nailsスライムみずがめ座

Preparing this I’m WakuWaku excited 💙

My partner-chan 💙

Pokemon and Star Jewelry ‘s💎 Collabo

necklace and watch are so cute too they’re some of my favourites!

KiraKira Sparkling ⚡️

PikaPika Sparking ⚡️⚡️⚡️

Putting them on my mood goes up yah ブルーハートピンクハートブルーハートピンクハート

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