2022-02-05 10:42:17

[tl: Pochama = Piplup]
💙 Michishige Sayumi × Project Pochama 「That Girl And Pochama」💙
The other day a making video from the shoot
went up!
Here 💁‍♀️♡

I got to do an interview too but…
I speak faster than I though I do, it was surprising 💦 lol
I love talking about the things I love so
getting to talk about my beloved Pochama, and beloved Pokemon was very fun 💙 I talked in a daze 😆
And… after the interview was over I think? It was in tha ttiming,
well, as a surprise, Pochama…..!!!!
I was really surprised‼️
It’s so cute 💙💘💙


Bowing is cute😍💙

I like it’s back too ❣️💙 Adorable-chan 💓

I still have lots from the shoot’s offshot so I’ll put them up☺️☺️☺️💙

originally from the illustration put down from illustrator Miyama Ayumi-san、the outfit that was made for me by clothing designer Hosokawa Yumi-san✨
Really even the minute details were all cute!!!!💙

On the shoot day, I was totally all

『I want to do an event wearing thisーー💗』

『I want all the fans to see this in personーーーー💗』

I was talking about stuff like that the whole time! lol💘

It was such a delightful shoot!
The making video, by all means watch it kay💗

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