2022-02-07 10:23:32

Good Morning 🌞✨
The book I started reading this morning that was more Horror than I though? No, just I just can’t do Horror but
it’s a little scary
so I ran away to blog ☺️☺️☺️
But I worry about how it’ll continue so I’ll read it again though 😆😆😆
Recently I saw Netflix’s
『Ima, Watashitachi no Gakkou wa…』 [tl: “Now, Our School is…” aka “All of Us Are Dead”]
I was scared but, I was impressed
It was interesting!!
For me, with scary movies and dramas.
I watch while fast forwarding,
I check whether there’s a scary scene ahead or not, then rewind back and watch through normally so
it takes me a really long time 😂
In relation to Netflix
The scroll bar? at the bottom of the screen, while advancing through it I look at the small pictures as I continue through the scenes at places so
I see a little bit of the development ahead of time there, and then return back to where I started…and I watch things that way💦 lol
I totally know this way is funny but… with scary stuff I do it all the time 😂
With mystery type books too, I have the habit of looking at the last page first when I’m at the scary parts though…
That I’m trying to contol myself as much as possible really… ☺️
I read ahead about 1.2 pages often though! lol
I’m a coward? but
I like mystery and suspense!
For currently broadcasting dramas
⭐️Misuteri to iu nakare [tl: Do Not Say Mystery]
⭐️Itoshi Uso〜 Yasashi Yami〜 [tl: Lovely Lie, Kind Darkness aka Dear My Loneliness and Darkness]
I’m watching these 2!!
Well then,
writing this up I’ve calm down so I’ll be reading my book again 😌📖

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