Cute ☆

Yesterday, when I went to the office,
I met the 4 Smileage girls ♪☆
It seems like they had an event


“Smileage” is…


Hello! Project’s newest unit who are
working hard towards making their major debut!!!!


They are all junior high school students
They are all veeery cute ↑
They are all people who can fight through hardships ↑


To the right of me is Yukarin aka Maeda Yuuka-chan ☆
She has fair skin, a small face and outstanding style, a perfect 1:8*
* Having your head size:height ratio as 1:8 is considered ideal for women
When I look at her, I even see a bit of adult sexiness


To the left of me is Sakichi aka Ogawa Saki-chan ☆
She’s kind of audacious, but again also very cute,
I wish she was my younger sister!


To the lower right of me is Kanyon aka Fukuda Kanon-chan ☆
She is really good at making facial expressions! Great at making weird faces!
She must have soft face muscles huh


To the lower left of me is DAWA aka Wada Ayaka-chan ☆
I thought she was so cute! When I first met her,
before I told her she was cute, I said “how funny!”
it was kinda crazy (lol)


The Smileage girls are just overflowing with personality
and I really love their songs
I especially like their current indies song on sale “Sukichan”
The PV for that song is so cute (≧∇≦)


They are all so funny and work very hard ♪


I need to work hard as well to not lose to them o(`▽´)o


Alright, gotta do my best, time to go back to middle school ↑↑↑↑ε=ε=┏( ・_・)┛


Ahh…but I can’t ”(ノ><)ノ


… I guess I lose to youth after all…


reality is harsh (lol)


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