A senpai who won't listen

I just got back from doing a radio recording ☆♪


It was MBS Youngtown Doyoubi!


Today’s Morning Musume OG Guest was Yoshizawa Hitomi-san! ♪♪♪


Yoshizawa-san is really funny (lol)
Of course she is trying to be funny but
actually she is a pretty big air head! (lol)


I’m not sure if I should be saying that but…


Yoshizawa-san isn’t the type of person that listens to other people anyway (lol)


Today too,
I couldn’t really talk much to Yoshizawa-san


“Eh… that’s what I just said earlier (>_<)" ran through my mind several times (lol)


I thought “Well, just as expected”
but that Yoshizawa-san who doesn’t listen was like
“let’s have a chat”
and invited me out to dinner


It’s not time to meet up yet, so I’m not sure what’ll happen
but I wonder when the times comes
will she listen to what I have to say? (lol)


Even if I were going just to find out,
going out to dinner with Yoshizawa-san is still worth it (o^∀^o)

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