I do the radio show “MBS Youngtown Doyoubi” every week
with Akashiya Sanma-san ☆
and Murakami Shouji-san ☆


And today we were able to take a pic together!!!!


I was thinking he was gonna say
“What! No way I’m gonna get my pic taken!”
But I am very happy he gladly took a pic together with me (*^o^*)


There aren’t many 54 year olds as open as he is
I was very surprised!
Splendid isn’t it ↑


Sanma-san is
so cool!!
and great!!
and awesome!!


Well anyway I’m gonna stop that writing here before I get scolded (lol)


But yeah, Sanma-san is really cool!


His way of living is just cool!


He’s always talking
never really changes
he’s kind and funny, but sometimes harsh
I really like him (≧∇≦)


As for Shouji-san, he lives a very systematic lifestyle
Right now, it seems like he’s quite occupied with play rehearsals or something (*´ο`*)=3


He seems like the type that goes to bed at 11
and wakes up at 5am ↑


So in doing the types of gags he does is very impressive ☆


I mean wow! Wow!
How lucky am I to be able to see those two every week
and do a radio show with them (>_<)


Thank you very much


I have so much to take in!


I look forward to continuing to work with you 八(´∀`*)


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  1. Wow Sferries keeping up with Sayu pretty well there.
    But are you forgetting about Hanbun now or is someone else covering that?

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