Bumming around

Good morning!


Today there is a Morning Musume event in Osaka ☆


and today I had zousui* for breakfast o(^-^)o
* kinda like porridge with veggies/meat/fish


But it was early in the morning
and I just bummed around on my futon until the last minute
so then I kinda ran out of time
and I had to scarf down the piping hot zousui


In the end,
I burned my mouth
but then I cooled it down with some water


End result, I ran out of time so I had to rush everything


Had it been the other way around
I could have taken my time eating from the beginning
and that would’ve ended up faster




But I learned my lesson today,
next time, no matter how much of a hurry I’m in
I’ll take my time in eating zousui!


It’s all about efficiency isn’t it


Well you shouldn’t have wasted all your time in your futon!
Well I didn’t think about that this time


I mean being tucked in your futon in the morning is so nice isn’t it ( ̄∀ ̄)


Well, if you knew that was gonna happen, you should’ve woken up earlier!
Well I didn’t think about that as well


I mean, if you say it like that, there’s nothing I can really respond with p(´⌒`q)


And for someone who values the health of their mouth like me
If I can’t say anything more about it
I guess the only thing I have left of value


is my cuteness (≧∇≦)♪ (lol)

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