Gathered together for a pic ♪

I took this pic before we started our 2nd event ☆




Doesn’t Morning Musume look like such a wonderful group?


I’m flattering myself too much… (lol)


Well now ☆
back to the event,
the 3rd event ended without any problems!!


The 3rd event was suuuper fun too \(^ー^)/


The stuff we did at the events were all the same
between the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd events
but the colors were completely different…
and it was a different sense of fun…
that’s pretty cool huh


I’m in a pretty good mood right now ↑


I feel like running around ε=ε=┏( ・_・)┛


And my fans will watch over me even if I’m running around,
you guys are waaay too kind!


Please don’t let stress build up because of me (;_;)


But if you do get stressed out
I’ll cure you with my cute smile (^o^)/


The source of stress
and the relief of stress


are all Sayumi!


Kyaaa (≧∇≦)


I’m at the heart of everything aren’t I (o^∀^o)


I guess I’m a
trouble-making wo~ma~n (^∀^)ノ


…and again today!
I brilliantly manage to annoy all of you again !!!!o(`▽´)o!!!!

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