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Today was the FC event and handshake event…
To all of you who came ☆
To all of you who support us ☆
Thank you so much!!


At the handshake event,
so many people said
“I read your blog”
“Keep up the good work on your blog”
“Your blog is so fun”
“I’m so happy you are blogging”
“Having your blog lets me feel so much closer to you”


I was thanked so much for having this blog ☆


I really love this blog!
To all of you who read this blog
To all of you who have added me to your friend’s list
To all of you who have left comments
Even the ones who left some harsh comments at times
Still, I am very happy that all of you came to visit this blog (^O^)


I’m glad this blog turned out the way it did
It feels like we’re connected closer than ever before (>_<)


And at today’s 3rd event
“Do you want to love or do you want to be loved?”
was the theme of discussion…
and so at the event I said
I want to love


The reason is
I am already loved so much
from my parents, my grandparents, my siblings
I have already received so much love
The Morning Musume members, my manager and staff members,
all of you fans, and all of you who read my blog
I am loved so much..


Yes so,
I am quite loved


And from being loved, I have learned a lot


From being loved, I want to give out love… that’s how I feel


And because of that, I want to love all of yoooou out there
who have given me so much love!!!!!


I have learned about love from all of you


That’s why I said I want to love


And this may be too much, but please continue to love me!


Sorry (>_<) It seems like I want to love and want to be loved! I have feelings for both sides


To love! To be loved!
I’m sure somewhere out there, these two phrases are seen as opposites
But, for us
I see it as a mutual love (*^o^*)


I mean even with this blog,
I love this blog
but it wouldn’t have been possible without you readers


No matter how much I love to write
even if I skip sleep to write
I couldn’t have done this alone


Thank you so much for reading this


This is everyone’s blog, and I hope we all continue to cherish it V(^-^)V


※ By the way, the pose in the pic has no special meaning (lol)

3 thoughts on “Everyone's blog

  1. Wow what a post

  2. Aww.. Sayu even thanked people who leave harsh comments. I hope she continues to be strong so she wont be too much affected by those kind of comments. I’m really loving Sayumin with every blog entries she’s doing. ^_^ I really get to know her a bit more.

    Thank you forever for translating for us!!!!

  3. Yes, we love you Sayu!

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