Juice ♪

Well then ☆
If you guys were going over seas, what would you want to do?


I’d want to drink juice (●^ー^●)
I really like green tea
And normally I pretty much only drink green tea
So when I go over seas, I feel like drinking juice ↑
So yeah, I drank some guava juice ☆(*^□^*)↑


It was delicious, although not as good as green tea (^O^)/


Out of all the things I’ve drank in my life
I haven’t come across anything that’s better than green tea so far!


Green tea is the best \(^O^)/
Big round of applause for green tea (≧▼≦)
Nothing can match green tea
That’s how much I support it


But if…
you were to ask, which is more essential to you
green tea or your cell phone?


I’d immediately respond cell phone Σ( ̄□ ̄;)


Ahhh it’s so frustrating not being able to blog on my own cell (;_;)


Although I can’t use my own cell phone (〇>_<) I'll be sure not to flake out on blog updates (*^_ ’)♪


I’ll be back to check in again soon ☆彡

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