3 big wishes

Good morning ♪


Today is my 2nd day over seas


How are you guys all doing?


I’m good…good! Good… kinda


I’m still hung up on not being able to use my own cell phone
so I’m just ok I guess


It’s tough when you can’t blog the way you’ve gotten use to doing so
on your own cell phone, the way you like it (cry)


It seems like, after coming this far,
that my blog has become an essential part of me!


Now that may sound a bit exaggerated,
but that’s how I feel


Even up til now… (I say that yet I only started 2 weeks ago)
I still feel that I love blogging


But in my current state of being unable to with my own phone
I have discovered something!


For me, blogging is something I cannot do without!


It is vital for me to be connected to you guys ~(>_<)


I mean like, as humans we can’t go without food and sleep right?


For me, it’s like that + blogging ↑


And I can’t satisfy my blogging craving like this (><)


But, I am still very grateful my manager
let me borrow his phone so I can update (≧▼≦)


Seems like I may end up spending a lot of time with
my manager’s phone while I’m overseas (lol)


Well! I have a fun day of work ahead of me today!
I hope you guys do too ☆彡

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