I’ll Poset Pictures From All Day Yesterday Kay!


2018-12-22 11:05:09

























Ah〜 Yesterday was funふんわり風船ハートふんわり風船ハートふんわり風船ハートふんわり風船ハートふんわり風船ハート








Morning, from Manager-san, 『I’ll go by tapioca kay』, getting that message I got excited, I wanted to drink it soon so I walked at a rare fast pace but, the train was late so I was sad, it couldn’t be helped so I had to change my route from a different transfer than I planned but, unexpectedly that way went smooth so I got my excitement back, with that the tapioca was of course super yummy, it was the best! Moreover, it was double tapioca! The dream double! The double I couldn’t do myself! The happy double that’s the best to get for a person!
And, the shoot was fun! The blue nails I got were cute♡ The make-up morenudie than usual! It’s one of my favorites! The weather was great too, it was the best! At the shoot I even got a present from the staff-san that I’m always indebted too😭♡ Cute flowers and frank candies! Sucking candies! Choco! Yummy! Really thank you so much!!
And and… cute stickers yah♡😍 Even small places it’s all cute, even the corners are cute…💞 After coming home my sticker fever hadn’t cooled, sorting stickers, a little sticking them… with the day over, I thought I’d take a shower, and I had a sticker on my leg, that was surprising! When did that get stuck there?✨





It was that kind of yesterday!!!!
It was fun💞









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Gao!☆ Fukumura Mizuki


2018-12-21 22:06:12
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Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji




For my friend time I went hereEmoji
Harajuku’s Kiddyland〜Emoji
「Morning Musume。 feat.Caribadix Fair」 Currently being held〜Emoji


Everyone have you already gotten to go〜EmojiEmoji


The new songs 「Furari Ginza」 and 「Jiyuu na Kuni Dakara」
were playing from the shop TVs Emoji


A Mizuki 2shotEmoji


It’s until next year, 2019/1/11 soEmoji
Those who haven’t yet hurry! Gao!Emoji







Earlier, from Juice= Juice Miyazaki Yuka-chan
With the 2019 Spring Live Tour She’s Announced Her Graduation From Juice=Juice and Hello!Project.



Juice=Juice’s family feel, sense of unity, and playful FuwaFuwa fluffy feeling is what I like, from here on too I can freely imagine that continuing from here on.
As Juice=Juice I love Yukanya.


There isn’t much time until her graduation but please give support to Juice=Juice.






Tomorrow is the Morning Musume。’18’s Christmas Event🎄Emoji


it’s at Yomiuriland’s NitTele LanLan Hall
Let’s spend time together with Morning Musume。’18Emoji











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One More Time!!☆ Fukumura Mizuki


2018-12-21 00:07:19
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Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


Hello!Con Rehearsalsa re startingEmoji




Seeing each other she came right away for a hugEmoji


Risapyon being there right away we get fast talking!!


I think we’re limited at the time we can talk
and we have lots we want to talk about so, unintentionally we get fast talking Emoji


Today we talked about Michishige-sanEmoji





At yesterday’s event, we announced the among 2018 released songs “Our Own BEST 3” but



On the blog
I want to look at this year’s released songs one more time, their MVs
I thought, I’d want to announce 3 of them you know〜EmojiEmoji



First off…「Furari Ginza」 Morning Musume。’18


Yesterday too, it got 1st place but, I quite love the MV tooEmoji


The member adlibs and
everyone being WaiWai cheery too of course but
what was that just now?! there’s really lots of parts that make you want to watch it again I thinkEmoji


Stopping like MannequinEmoji
And the colorful characters coming outEmoji


With everyoen saying Waー♬︎ Kyaー♡ Seeing it bring up good memories tooEmojiEmoji



Continuing on… 「Tade Kuu Mushi mo Like it」 Angerme
Angerme this year is fun, cool, ephemeral, they sang all types of songs but among them I like this songs MV tooEmoji
There’s no problem having your own likes! It’s linked to those lyrics
the image scenes surrounded by each person’s likes, I very much love itEmoji


The expression of thems surrounded by the things they like, it makes it feel even more gentle doesn’t it?〜Emoji
That is cute, I want everyone ot see it too yah, that’s how I feltEmoji


And continuing again…
「Kaite wa Keshite no “I Love You”」 Country・Girls



It’s cute that’s why!!!Emoji
Cute so watch it? Like that!Emoji


Chiichan’s beginning sudden cuteness, that’s whyEmoji


Everyone’s cute.
Even though it’s a song that’s like let’s write letters! Stopping midway through being troubled.
The troubling faces are cute too♡


Personally it reminded me of Berryz Koubou-san’s 「Gag 100kaibun Aishite Kudasai」Emoji


The Camera KuruKuru spinning
The members changing around too is cuteEmoji


↑If you saw it you’d know I thinkEmoji



And an Extra, it’s not Hello!Pro but…
「Minna Shounen Datta」 Horiuchi Takao-san



Did you know, for this song Fukumura got to participate?EmojiEmoji
Wada-san, Kamiko, Karin, Uemuー, Oda, the 6 of us got to participate but


First, getting to participate in our great senpai’s song in itself is happiness
Mizuki wise, I think it’s this year’s 1st shot great MV I think…? I think so…EmojiEmoji


One more recommendationEmojiEmojiEmoji


Watch them soonーEmojiEmoji



Not just these songs, everyone by all means kayEmoji
the Hello!Project 2018 Release Songs


Please look back at them one more timeEmojiEmoji
Rehearsals are finishedEmoji
















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It’s sudden but, a question.



This is,



a self shot from what kind of momentー!?





A hint you knowー



It’s a picture from the dressing room in Hong Kong



In the dressing room, all of Juice=Juice was here too!







You got it?



That kind of moment?!!!!











The answer is











































『I wanted to take a self-shot but,
in the dressing room all of Juice=Juice is there too, and it’s a little embarrassing so, using the iPhone front camera, while acting like I’m fixing my bangs, I took a self-shot moment』




You know!!!!





People who got it rightー???🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️













People who got it rightピンクハート100点
People who couldn’t get it rightブルーハートOK
Those who didn’t especially think of anything and looked here流れ星グラサンハート
See you later kayーパーパーパー











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Section Thirty Six Event☆ Fukumura Mizuki


2018-12-20 00:51:36
Theme:Fukumura Mizuki




This is last night’s blog.




Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


at Tower Record’s Shibuya Store


『Nanba Kazumi’s Idol Section Thirty Six Special Edition〜「Puchi Best 19」 Release Commemoration! Section Thirty Six This Year Again We Talk Hello!Project Special 2018〜』


We got to appear Emoji
Our first appearance since ’16Emoji
To be invited again makes me happyEmojiEmoji



Those who came to the Shibuya store
Those who watched from the public live broadcast too
For going until late thank you so muchEmoji




The Section Thirty Six Event is fuーnEmoji


There’s lots of things Mizuki wanted to talk about in Hello!Pro but, in my head I realized things got excessive!!


More than anything hearing stories from the performers was really really fun EmojiEmoji


Mizuki also ended up talking so freely 笑い泣きEmoji


I’m grateful!



Unintentionally, huh? I
What did I say just now?


That happened countless times tooEmojiEmoji




Dekami-san’s talk was really funEmojiEmojiEmoji
「Kasa wo Sasu Senpai」
I like the world view of the lyrics but, it’s a Dekami-san I hadn’t thought she’d be like before


We talked about Satoyama events tooEmoji


That stance, she’s an otaku but… that “That stance” was really cool EmojiEmoji



Oomori Seiko-san joined midway through tooEmojiEmoji
The talk about Michishige-san’s bus tour was fun
The more she talked, Oomori-san and the fans at the venue, knowing her fixation and disposition towards Michishige-san
Listening while nodding, un un, it was the really interesting for me
I understood it too, it made me happyEmojiEmoji



And, we talked a lot about songs and events too but
it seems there were things that surprised and were unexpected for the fans tooEmoji
I’m glad〜 things and
what should I do… I might have shown a really off-mode like part of myself too?!
I’m reflecting on it simply now…Emoji



Mizuki loves Hello!Pro too but
There were those watching who like Hello!Pro like this so next year I hope for that stabilityEmojiEmoji
Today I have that kind of courageEmoji



Thank you so much!!



Those watching stood the whole time for about 3 and a half hours too…Emoji
I think sitting continuously for that would beh ard too though…Emoji


Everyone who cameEmoji
Once again thank you so muchEmoji


I wonder if you’ve arrived home already??


Everyone who watched the broadcast too
thank you so muchEmoji











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2 Years Since!!☆ Fukumura Mizuki


2018-12-18 22:30:05
Theme:Fukumura Mizuki





Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


Today at the Aichi prefecture movie theater
Midland Square Cinema 2


Nonaka Miki-chanEmoji
Kaga Kaede-chanEmoji
Fukumura MizukiEmoji


with these 3 it’s a birthday eventEmojiEmoji




The themes we had that we each wanted to talk about are these!


「Looking back at Nonaka Miki’s Life」

「My data folder is PanPan bursting! Should I delete these images?…」



Games was Kaediー
It was really really fun!
I wanted to chat more lol


By the way we got Smash Bros at my house tooEmoji
I still haven’t played it thoughEmoji


And, Looking back on Nonaka’s life too
Just stories I’ve heard for the first timeEmoji
That happened! That’s surprising! There were lots of things that made me think that, it was surprisingEmoji
Explaining it roughly
She’s passed Masaki-chan and Eripon when they first started〜 Current Nonaka has gotten there!!


That’s too roughly〜Emoji


And Mizuki, I showed a little of the contents of my full data folder
I got judgment from everyone on whether I should delete it or notEmoji


I was only 1 picture that I should delete but… That being chosen
The NY ticket picture is what I deleted!Emoji


And it couldn’t be helped so I set it aside yah〜EmojiEmoji



For the Hello!Pro message board from Uemura Akari-chan done last event…


We did Acchi Muite Hoi!
And the person who lost had to go buy popcorn!


That was itEmoji



The results of the match… I lost….


In that outfit
I went to buy popcorn…。


There were general customers there too
The employee’s were holding back their laughter


As indicated while doing PR for the new song 「Furari Ginza」 we said our final 「Thank you!」


Mission accomplished… *cry*




It was embarrassing….
I was able to get over my shyness and stuff…


The employee-san, for getting you involved, I’m sorryEmojiEmoji


For Mizuki it was the first Nagoya event in 2 years
Progressing, it was very funEmoji



All the fans, it was short time but
thank you so very muchEmoji



Next, we’ll be doing Nonaka’s returning home performance
since the guests will be Kaediー and Mizuki←


Please give us your support then!Emoji


Let’s meet again kayEmojiEmoji


Aiming for a fantastic 22 years old do your bestEmoji


Host Suzuki Keita-san
Today, thank you so muchEmoji




!!Tomorrow at last!!!



『Nanba Kazumi no Idol Section Thirty Six Special Edition〜「Puchi Best 19」 Release Commemoration! Section Thirty Six This Year is Also Talkinb About Hello!Project Special 2018〜』




We’re doing it at Tower Record Shibuya Store 😆💖


By all means please come♪
We’ll be waitingEmoji


Those who can’t come there will be a public live broadcast viewing too so please give us your support and stand byEmoji


Nanba Kazumi-sanEmoji
Minewaki Ikuo-sanEmoji


And PaiPai Dekami-san
And, Oomori Seiko-san too〜EmojiEmoji


Haa〜 I’m so TanoshiMizuki it’s like I can’t get sleepy ♡


But I’m looking forward to that


I think I’ll listen to the Puchi Best 19 and sleepEmoji










Current 「Hello!愛(Love)」 Current Serialization
「Gekkan The Television」-san Interviews from Hello!Project


Angerme’s Wada Ayaka-san
Juice=Juice’s Miyamoto Karin-chan
Morning Musume。’18 Fukumura Mizuki, these 3
We got to do a shoot with our member colored Sunday best♪
WEB Version is also here tooEmoji



Hello!Radio 「Fukumura no Heya」
Now distributing!


Guest is Iikubo Haruna 307.gif


「Iikubo Haruna Graduation Special!」 is the title, it’s a special edition!
By all means please watch 5039.gif


Hello!Moba membership registration is hereEmoji














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It’s Warm That’s Why #Iikubo Haruna


2018-12-18 20:48:29









SNS is amazing huh…
No matter when I appear, for sure someone is there, they give me responses.


It’s warm yah ╰(*´︶`*)╯♡



Twitter, Instagram, Ameblo, and WEAR, I get to read the comments with gratituーーーーーde.






A warm story in Budokan.














The Staff-san, and made them and decorated the dressing room.



The members you know, seeing these 「JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure」 sound effects,


「What’s this mean?」



That’s what they said




That’s right, since they’re people who haven’t read JoJo they don’t know which goes with what kind of situation huh? (*_*)



「This is the sound when you hit a frog」
「This is is the sound when you steal a kiss」





It was fun!


Explaining the sound effects, they told me, 「I want to read it now!」.




I’ll lend it to you soon kay, Fukumura-san (*´꒳`*) lol
























Fujiko FujioA-sensei, Horii Yuuji-san, I got to take two shots with them!



Getting told from sensei, let’s take a picture, that made me happy too!













My finger’s pointing wrong! Inexperienced!







Please listen to this story that made me happy.



My classmates that came to see hte concert said in unison, 「Your fans are nice」.



That’s right yah!? My people are all nice!!



I got to say that proudly (`・ω・´) Doyaa





People around me, it’s overflowing with kind people(*´-`)






Well then!
















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I’m Waiting…♡


2018-12-18 17:19:52




2019 March, happening at Cotton Club,






Second Additional Performances
FC3rd・NEXT2nd Applications are starting!!





M-line club 3rd


Hello! Project NEXT2nd






Deadline is, 12/25 (Tue) 17:00クリスマスツリークリスマスツリークリスマスツリー




I’m waiting…ハート









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First#IHeardIShouldTakeItWithAMeal☆Fukumura Mizuki


2018-12-17 21:56:06
Theme:Fukumura Mizuki
[tl note: #ご飯ととるのがいいと聞きました /I Heard I Should Take It With A Meal is the hashtag used when people take pictures of their food with their acrylic stands of idols and the like]




Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


For the lots of comments, thank you so muchEmoji


From today as the eldestEmoji


I remember when I became leader
once again I want to make the effort towards all kinds of thingsEmoji


I have these feelingsEmoji




Today was rehearsals and lessonsEmojiEmoji


Ah, my body is sore!!


Yesterday after getting home all kinds of places hurtrtrt…EmojiEmoji



A picture from afternoon break.
[tl: I Heard I Should Take One With Odachan]


Fukuchan and Broccoli 🥦🥦🥦🥦





The first day of 11 member lessons
There was probably lots of girls who still hadn’t shaken the fatigue from up to yesterday


And so of course I thought, I want to have fun doing it!
「Smiles」 with those lyrics
I tried pulling my cheeks to make a smile


Odan ended up not being able to sing, 「Bu」








Tomorrow for the first time in a while , at Nagoya’s 〜Movie Theater〜


It’s a birthday event〜EmojiEmoji


Nonaka, Kaedeー, the 3 of us will be waitingEmoji







「Gekkan The Television」-san
From Hello!Project, Wada Ayaka-san, Miyamoto Karin-san, Fukumura Mizuki, with the 3 of us,
We got to do a shoot in our Sunday Best♪


Hello!Radio 「Fukumura no Heya」
Now Distributing!


Guest is Iikubo Haruna 307.gif


Titled 「Iikubo Haruna Special!」, it’s a special distribution 6912.gif6905.gif


A more passionate part than normal comes out I think… what happens I won’t say17435.gif2621.gif
By all means please listen5039.gif


Hello!Moba Membership Registration is here












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