Yanagawa Nanami-chan Fukumura Mizuki

2018-11-02 22:23:41
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An announcement to everyone who supports Hello!Project



Today, it’s an announcement related to Yanagawa Nanami.


Yanagawa Nanami-chan in March of next year will be graduating from Juice=Juice/Country Girls and Hello!Project.


Her clear singing voice and skillful talk is impressive
A hard worker, plenty considerate and kind Yanamin
of course it’ll feel lonely right.


Until her graduation, please continue to give your support.


Fukumura Mizuki







Today, at Shosen Book Tower Akihabara store


Fukumura’s newest photobook
「Makana」 had a release commemoration handshake event


Really lots of you came and that made me happyEmoji
Everyone thank you so muchEmoji


my first handshake event since turning 22Emoji
that said… with hairstyle matching my outfit and stuff too, the atmosphere I tried to make feel mature


I got told I had a different atmosphere than usually too yahEmoji


It was a short song but, the opinions from everyone
getting to talk about favorite pages and outfit talk and stuff, it was very funEmoji


There were those that said it was the first photobook they boughtEmoji
I’ll be watching from here on kay〜 there were those that said that too so it’s DokiDoki heart-poundingEmoji


After the event, I got to sign a big poster♪
When you got shopping at Shosen Book Tower-san by all means please look kayEmoji



Matching with Makana, in present shape I got a fantastic cake tooEmoji
It Uu〜n smelled great
Everyone who came
thank you so muchEmoji



Tomorrow’s Morning Musume。’18 are doing various meets in Osaka!
I want to talk a lot and have fun
The members together will be waitingEmoji




Saturday Late Night 0:58~
TBS-san 「COUNT DOWN TV」 will have Morning Musume。’18 appearingEmoji


By all means please watchEmoji











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#HairColor #Angerme Iikubo Haruna

2018-11-02 19:58:33
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Today there was happy radio wor kand magazine work!
On another day I’llannounce details kay♡



And the hellish influenza vaccination too (´;Д;`)



But please listen!!


This year it’s the first time I haven’t cried!!←



Kuduー wasn’t there but I did my best!!











Last night, Ishida Ayumi-chan, Nonaka Miki-chan, Morito Chisaki-chan, and I went to eat dinner〜!


When rehearsals finished I looked for people who could eat together and they came (*´◒`*)♡


With strange topics like avocado and stuff, we laughed, it was fun!



Walking Shibuya, Angerme’s CM playing, we were frantic to take pics of it. lol











It’s Anju! It’s Anju! we repeatedly called out, and took pics PashaPasha ( ´∀`)


And even then we aren’t sending them to the people themselves though yah! lol




We at food and drank tapioca too, it became a fun girl’s meet ♡








My hair color, you know, I’ve gone with it being dark but










It’s not just black I’ve got violet put in it.



It might be hard to tell though!



Dark is dark but it’s different from my natural hair color so, it’s kind of refreshing for me (*´꒳`*)







Tomorrow is various meets at Osaka〜!
I’m looking forward to it (*´◒`*)





For my clothes today it’s one of my favorite Tshirts that came up for the first time in a while.
Look at it KAY〜〜!!!




Fashion Coordinate App
EmojiEmojiWEAR EmojiEmoji
















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From Takahashi Ai-san☆ Fukumura Mizuki

2018-11-01 21:58:49
Theme:Fukumura Mizuki






Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


Tomorrow is


the release commemoration handshake event for the 10/30 release Fukumura Mizuki latest photobook 「Makana」Emoji


At Shosen Book Tower Akihabara store from 19:00


EmojiInquiries are hereEmoji


By all means! Please comeEmoji
Your favorite pages and stuff… I’d be happy to learn them yahEmojiEmoji



Today was rehearsals for the Mexico and NY performancesEmoji


I still can’t imagine it but, what kind of performances might this be



Waking up early in the morning it was reaaally cold ((´д`)) b゙rrb゙rr…
I wrote a knitEmojiEmoji


LOVE AND PEACE × Takahashi Ai-san Collabo Item
Takahashi Ai-san talked about the Emoji Strawberry Knit Emoji
on her blog
Such a cute representation〜Emoji
Mizuki also feels like wearing strawberriesEmoji


It was warmEmojiEmoji


With the cord around the waist or without it can be worm two waysEmoji


I wonde rif Mizuki can also wear it cool like Takahashi-san does〜Emoji



My birthday event outfitEmoji
They made it so cute for me like this so
the full body was like this
The outfit-san made it representing a 22 year old swan♡
Mizuki, she loes swans so it made me happyEmoji












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Two Shot

2018-11-01 20:58:33






Additional Performances


FC2nd stage・NEXT pre-order applications are



M-line clubハート2nd stage


Hello! ProjectピンクハートNEXT pre-order




The deadline is, 11/5(Mon) 17:00ぽってりフラワーまじかるクラウン







The picture is, a two shot with Nakamura Chihiro-san!


『SAYUMINGLANDOLL~Tokyo~』’s new songs,
she made 2 of them for me!!


Thank you so much!!!!!✨





Her face is so very petite…❣️









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#SimpleHalloween #AiToSeishunKippu Iikubo Haruna

2018-10-31 21:23:38
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Happy Halloween〜〜(*´◒`*)



Did you dress in costume as something??!


Are you enjoying it in moderation??!



For me, just a little bit this year… well.. please just have a simple halloween (>人<;)



(Maybe I’ll post Halloween stuff a little later!)





Ehーーーー, for this year’s simple halloween.




It’s titled






「Guys Banned〜 Cause It’s a Girl’s Party, Tehe☆」 saying stuff like that and purposefully emphasizing it, girls put up pictures like this on SNS.






















That feeling comes off it right?(`・∀・´)Doya





In the currently released 「Gekkan The Television」 these 3 appear.


With a Girl’s Meeting kind of theme, we talked lots〜〜!


By all means please check it out (・∀・)♡






Ah! The 「Gekkan Entame」 where I’m in it having discussions with Angerme’s Wada Ayaka-chan just the 2 of us is also on sale!


Talking about the kind of things the 2 of us usually talk about and stuff, we talk about all kinds of things.


We didn’t talk enough at all〜〜( ´∀`)



Next week, at my birthday event you can see the 2 of us on stage so, from here look forward to it a lot♡






And yesterday was Fukumura Mizuki-san’s birthday yah!
Fukumura-san, Happy Birthday♡


Really just recently, she’s been in a to as she wants kind of state, or I should say, she wants to see everyone having fun in the dressing room. lol
I’m in the same level(…I wonder if that’s an exaggeration)cause I’ve been playing around a lot yah! It’s the most funny Fukumura-san! lol lol


We aren’t just chitchatting together, I’ve gotten to talk with Fukumura-san about all kindso f other things too, that kind of time makes me very happy (*´꒳`*)



Please have a fantastic 22〜(*´◒`*)








Today, I went to see the play Nakajima Saki-san is in 「Ai to Seishun Kippu」 [tl: the Ticket to Love and Youth]〜!










Cute! Nakajima-san!



You get to see Nakajima-sasn singing and dancing a lot!


It was really powerful yah (*´꒳`*)♡



Until the 11th be careful for your health and please do your best!







Ah, my hair gottne dark〜〜( ˊ̱˂˃ˋ̱ )








Fashion Coordinate App
EmojiEmojiWEAR EmojiEmoji
















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Happy Halloween☆Fukumura Mizuki

2018-10-31 21:57:12
Theme:Fukumura Mizuki




Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji
For the lots of birthday comments thank you so muchEmojiEmoji




On the 29th when I met with all of UpUpGirls (kari)
From Maana, she went calling out, 「Heey〜Mizuki〜」,
and they all sang Happy Birthday♪ to meEmoji
All of UpG surprised me〜EmojiEmoji


It made me happyEmojiEmoji


At 0:00 birthday mail came in from the members and my friends tooEmojiEmoji🎉



Yesterday’s event was also fun !
It’s unfortunate but, I don’t have any pictures from the venueEmojiEmoji


I wanted to put some up on the blog but there are none


But Mizuki’s memory is of a widening deep pink venueEmojiEmojiEmojiEmojiEmoji



Well! Today is halloween though 🎃


First off whta kind of things do you know about HalloweenEmoji
It’d be great to have fun while feeling the significance of it too right ☺️❣️


Walking the street it’s filled with people in costume
injured and zombies it makes me jittery you know〜EmojiEmoji


If Mizuki were in costume
It’d be great to do a home party or something yahEmojiEmoji




This year in Shuukan Shounen Champion-san
We got to wear Halloween costumesEmojiEmoji


And Hello!Fes and tour too
we did mini costumes〜Emoji


And, at home for some reason we have a lion headdress, I forced it to be worn





Happy Halloween (*´˘`*)♡


I think a day where little kids can have fun getting chandy is great yah Emoji




10/24 it goes on sale.
66th Single 「Furari Ginza/Jiyuu na Kuni dakara」
got Oricon Weekly chart 2nd place♪


Everyone who supported us
thank you so muchEmoji


Getting to show things for lives and events
In lots of place other than Ginza there’s lot’s of 「Furari Ginza」 Posters upEmoji
The song playing, getting to come out on music shows
I wonder if lots more people than usual have gotten to hear it?



For Iikubo Haruna-chan it’s her last single
Foreveryone and for us we, I hope it’ll be a work with fantastic memoriesEmoji


Everyone please listen to it a lot kayEmoji





Hello!Radio 「Fukumura no Heya」
Next episode’s guest is…Oda Sakura-chan!

We’re waiting for your letters
Deadline is 1/1 19:00

Hello!moba Membership Registration is here











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Woman type

2018-10-31 12:56:30




The other day


For Web Magazine, 「Woman type」


I got to do an interviewピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート



I’ll announce the timing for it’s publication later!✨📢
The interview & shoot, it was very fun!✨
Look forward to itピンクハート






「Woman type」’s staff gave me sticker!!!!


Ehー CUTE…ピンクハート
Especially, the circus stickers are one of my favorites🎪








Changing topic…
since yesterday,
blinking my eye hurt…



It ended up being a styーー💦
The first sty I’ve gotten in a while



When I was small?
Until middle school〜high school -ish I’d have it often though!!






Like that!
It’s been a while sty…!
Especially an non eye swelling sty!! lol



















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22 Years Old Mizuki☆ Fukumura Mizuki

2018-10-30 23:40:21
Theme:Fukumura Mizuki




Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji




I turned 22Emoji
ANd today at Zepp Tokyo is my birthday eventEmojiEmoji


It was a joyEmoji
It was funEmoji
I was nervous〜Emoji


1 Performance plenty
It felt like I was with everyone together all day, it made me happyEmoji


Everyone who came
Really thank you so muchEmojiEmoji


the whole venue turned deep pink…
These moments I really like.


Thank youEmojiEmoji



Host Suzuki Keita-sanEmoji
Thank you so muchEmoji


At the event, I got a surprise message VTR from Kudou Haruka-chanEmojiEmoji
Mizuki-chaーn💕 her saying that made me happyEmoji
It’s FukuDuーEmojiEmoji


Yoyo world champion
After showing a performance with Morning Musume。’s song, we got a lecture
and did a challenge with a balloon relativelyon Keita-san’s head and a Yoyo with a tableclothEmoji


Mizuki, might have talent with yoyoEmoji
I got words of praise from TOMMY-san so
with the yoyo I got I’m gonna practice kay!




And Hello!Pro Trainee’s
Shuttou Anna-chan
and Kanmitsu Ruru-chan came tooEmojiEmoji


I was surprisedEmojiEmoji


TOgether we danced 「Kanojo ni Naritai!」Emoji


Hamachan Choーdai but
it became Fukuchan ChoーdaiEmoji


It was excitingEmojiEmojiEmoji


That said everyone even when Hamachan isn’t there always says Hamachan choーdai !Emoji


To those 2, thank you so muchEmoji



Questions about Mizuki from the fansEmoji
For collaborating on the plan too, thank you so muchEmoji
Surprisingly I could answer them ヽ(*´з`*)ノ




And, for the live corner


M1 Urahara (Buono!)
M2 Yuki/Ai×Anata≦Suki (Morning Musume。)
M3 Koishitai Shintou (Hello!Pro Trainees)
M4 Aishuu Romantic (Morning Musume。)
M5 Umbrella (Tanpopo#)
M6 Doki! Kouiu no ga Koi nano?(Canary Club)
M7 Kioki no Meiro (High-King)
M 8 Skip! (Melon Kinenbi)
M9 Onna Day by Day (Matsuura Aya)
M10 Mirai no Taiyou (Morning Musume。)


I got to sing a lotEmojiEmoji


Mizuki’s loved songs! Songs cause I’m 22, songs I can sing from now!
Songs everyone wanted to hear, songs that I want us to get excited about together


Lo〜ts, excited so much〜EmojiEmoji
It was hard but it was reaaally funEmojiEmoji


During the song the signed balls hit around went pretty far it was impressive笑い泣きドキドキ
But those seat they couldn’t reach in the back, sorry yahEmoji


I’m glad they made it to those in the 2nd floor tooEmoji


Getting to hear everyone’s voices
getting excited together
seeing the deep pink


The goods counter also appearedEmojiEmoji


All day was funーEmojiEmoji
Thank you so muchEmoji


It seems like 22 years old will be fantastic tooEmoji


For the fun joyful day, really thank you so muchEmoji







This year’s most pushed birthday good
the hood included towel…*cry*


After more time have it in production, it’ll be sold on the website Emoji
I think there are those of you who didn’t get Get it too… I’m sorry.


After the performance I heard it from the staff but
Fukuchan might be sad or worried… I learned the fans had said that.


It’s sad but
Getting it later, I want you to use it at concerts too kayEmoji


11/6(Tue) 18:00, mail order applications are scheduled to start.
Please look at the Hello!Project Official Fanclub!










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Last Day Being 21☆ Fukumura Mizuki

2018-10-29 23:00:17
Theme:Fukumura Mizuki





Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


Today after shoots
I went to cheer for Juice=Juice’s Budokan performance♪♪


For Inaba Manaka-chan it’s her Budokan performance


I could see she seemed nervous too but
her enjoying it with her whole body was impressiveEmoji


After the curtain raised they didn’t stop at all so
When are they gonna talk?! Are they going into the second half like this?!
I felt like that but
It was a three part system they say right?


Cute, sexy, COOL, they’re split between that, Juice=Juice was fun and fantasticEmoji


Unbelievable we heard that songEmoji
there were lots of songs like thatEmoji


Juice’s song are number 1
「Hadaka no Hadaka no Hadaka no KISS」 had me going YaーyEmojiEmoji
And my loved 「Kindan Shoujo」 tooEmoji




BEYOOOOONDS freshly did their best too!
Momohime’s dance when they first came out was surprisingly good!


After htat too, Ame no Mori Kawa Umi, CHICA#TETSU
It became their stages
There performances were without mics so
you could get everyone’s dance too♪


I remember Juice’s first Budokan but
Their expressions and presentation from then is different


It was fun then too I was impressedd but
feeling everyone’s unity, the feeling of having fun with your full body, that was fantasticEmoji


I enjoyed itEmoji
Thank you so muchEmoji




And, today is Tsunku♂san’s birthdayEmojiEmoji


This year getting to see him in Hawaii made me happyEmoji
Passing things on through songs and
Knowing things directly by hearing it
That kind of feelings and things come throughEmoji


I’m nothing but grateful


Please have a fantastic yearEmojiEmoji




And at last tomorrow
Fukumura Mizuki’s latest photobook 「Makana」 goes on saleEmoji


I’m happy for my first birthday releaseEmoji


11/2(Fri) 19:00~ at Shosen Book Tower (Akihabara)-san there’s a release commemoration handshake event tooEmoji


Inquiries are here  By all means please participate kayEmoji
I’m waitingEmojiEmoji




Tomorrow is… Tomorrow is…!
My birthday event (*´д`*)Emoji


Every day I’m nervous, every day, I’m staring down the lyric cardsEmojiEmoji
Haaa it’s tomorrowEmojiEmoji


More than becoming 22
I’m nervous for the birthday event yah〜EmojiEmoji


Goods details are out too〜


Mizuki totーーーally wanted to bring it out
What I wanted to bring out constantly since I was 19 is made into goodsEmoji




Hood included towelEmojiEmojiEmoji
(A nonchalant 22 (NyanNyan) style)


This, by all means I want you to GET it♡



Tomorrow at Zeep Tokyo I’ll be waiting!
I’ll do my bestEmoji


For giving support to 21 year old Fukumura Mizuki, thank you so muchEmojiEmoji











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#MusicLive #TabiNekoReport Iikubo Haruna

2018-10-29 21:38:56
Theme:Iikubo Haruna








On tonight from 21:30, broadcast’s NHK-FM「Music Line」 Haga Akanechin, Morito Chiichan, and I, the 3 of us get to appear〜(*´꒳`*)♡









My beloved Nanba Shiho-san’s show!♡



By all means please listen to it kayy〜!





That Shiho-san today before work went to lunch & a movie (*´◒`*)










We watched 「Tabineko Report」〜。



Neko-chan…Nana-chan was cute…!



Unexpectedly I cried〜(´;ω;`)


Now my family has 2 cute cats too but, I think it’d be great if they had a bond like Nana and Satoru-san.



My family’s Teto and Miーko, they’re inherited from a kid in Shiho-san’s family who was in their care〜〜!
Cute. Every day is soothing. Animal Therapy.




Cute pictures, I have lots so I’ll put it up later kay!




For my clothes today it’s one of my favorite one pieces.
I’m always asked who’s outfit is that? lol
Look at it KAYー!



Fashion Coordinate App
EmojiEmojiWEAR EmojiEmoji













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