2018-12-17 14:01:42





In Hong Kong



I was together with all of Juice=Juiceピンクハート



I took





Miyazaki Yuka-chanひまわり



Kanazawa Tomoko-chanカバン



Takagi Sayuki-chan晴れ



Miyamoto Karin-chanふんわりリボン



Yanagawa Nanami-chanゆめみる宝石



Danbara Ruru-chanカラオケ



Inaba Manaka-chanバレエ






I couldn’t take one with Uemura Akari-chan ジンジャーブレッドマン so💦
Some day I gotta take one… I feel that way!





In our free time, I got mixed in the with the game that all of Juice=Juice always play too, we got to play together!



It was funnyyyy爆笑






at night we ate dinner together with everyone
and went to see the nightscape too星空キラキラ












When taking pictures of the nightscape












I looked beside me




the were so cute




more than the night scape




instead I ended up talking shots with these girls as the main point.






















Those pictures, I’ll put them up on Insta later kay ❤️
Look forward to it❤️❤️❤️










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#Iikubo Haruna

2018-12-17 12:00:49








Everyone Good Afternoon!
This is Iikubo Haruna who yesterday graduated from Morning Musume。’18.


Immediately from today, we’re starting this up!



It’s been one night since my graduation performance, and now I’m still in that sense of emptiness or rather, it feels inda FuwaFuwa fluffy but
From today I’m restarting solo!


I want to put my spirit into it!













My new artist picture is finished too!



From before I’ve been feeling like I’ve wanted to go do all kinds of challenges for myself but, number one I want to go and do dramas.


It’s work that has actresses I’ve admired since I was small.


I don’t have experience with dramas yet so, from here on I’m studying while gaining lots of experience!


My goal is, since I love manga, to appear in a manga piece!
And to play an evil woman!


For that alone without making a fuss I’ll do my best so I can be an actress that can perform in extensive kinds of roles.



And! My SNS have also opened!


Twitter Account→haruna__iikubo




Instagram Account→harunaiikubo_official





And I’m continuing with my WEAR too!






Fashion, hobbies and tastes, beauty, even deeper things about me, I feel like I want to deliver them all.


By all means please check things out here too (*´-`)


And, I also get to be a member of the M-line club too!
To get to stand in front of everyone having grown once again, I’m devoted to making that happen.


Well then, I’ll update later kay!












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To My Dear Harunan☆ Fukumura Mizuki

2018-12-16 23:46:27
Theme:Fukumura Mizuki




Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


「Morning Musume。’18 Concert Tour Fall 〜GET SET, GO!〜 Final Iikubo Haruna Graduation Special」


Today 12/16
it’s 10ki Iikubo Haruna-chan’s Graduation ConcertEmoji


Harunan, congratulations on your graduationEmoji



And, in total 28 performance
with those, everyone who rode along with GET SET, go


The lots of support, cheers, and PowerEmoji
thank you so very muchEmoji


Our fuel, becomes Power
Yoーi donEmojiEmojiEmoji
Up to today we were able to burst throughEmoji


Really without stopping
it felt like we were constantly runningEmojiEmoji



Everyone who gathered today at Budokan
from end to end, from top to bottom, it was packed♡


At the live viewing venues
and watching BS Skypaー!-san everyone doing those too
thank you so muchEmojiEmoji


While being watched over by lots of you
we were the 12 member Morning Musume。’18


Harunan, 7 years and 3 months


Really it was irreplaceable time spent.


Today, with one of the songs I remembered when I joined
with those songs, at that time it was like this huh〜
remembering things like that I sang themEmoji


You seemed like you gonna cry countless times, me!!Emoji


Perhaps from here on
this Harunan
has a precious existance too.


And perhaps from here on
we’ll be able to play around like this…EmojiEmoji


Spending time together is so fun
the image of us talking together constantly in the dressing roomEmoji



Together with her being subleader
we talked a lot, we thought a lot, we supported each other a lot as good friends.
Mizuki, since becoming leader she’s saved me a lot too.


Harunan being there was a joyEmoji


I want to sing with Harunan again some day yahEmoji


Today on the way home, I hugged Harunan and with a 「See you later kay!」 we partedEmoji
Harunan, thank you for everything up to now!
From here on too please support me kayEmoji










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2018-12-17 00:23:32




coming home from Hong Kong just like that I went to Nippon Budokan!
I went to see the Morning Musume。’18 live!!




I was told that I wouldn’t make it in time but
I’m really glad I made it in timeeee!!!!!






Morning Musume。
they were cool!!✨
IkiIki lively! KiraKira sparkling! And, KireKire sharp❤️







Iikubo Haruna-chan!💛
Harunan, congratulations on your graduationハチ黄色い花ハチ黄色い花




Harunan was lovely…



Her look of course but
I love harunan having that pretty and warm heart, once again I felt itピンクハートイエローハートピンクハートイエローハート





From here on with Harunan’s new path
I’m supporting her from my heart!!!














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#MorningMusume。'18 #ToAllTheFans #ToAllThePeople Iikubo Haruna

2018-12-16 23:34:38
Theme:Iikubo Haruna








Today, I graduated from Morning Musume。’18 and with it, Hello!Project.



To everyone who came to Nippon Budokan,


To everyone who watched the live viewing,


To everyone watching the Skypaー! live broadcast,



All of those of you giving me your support today.


Thank you so much!!!!



Idol Iikubo Haruna, is completed!!!!




It’s the best, the joy, the fun, and the once in a lifetime unforgettable precious memories.







The 7 years I’ve done activities as Morning Musume。, really thank you so much.


My feelings, what I got to talk about in my letter, it’s everything.



From here on too, I’ll continue to return my feelings of gratitude!











When reading the letter, I got nervous I ended up saying 「Jinsei」[tl: human life] as 「Jinshei」. lol


But everyone warmly watching over me got it, after that even while being nervous, while being relaxed, I got my words across.













This dress too, it’s the kind of thing I want to wear! My request was made true by the outfit-san.


The honey color and chocolate color, because they’re precious colors (*^^*)



And the song that gave me growth.
I got to sing 「KoiING」 solo.















The medley direction, I’m grateful to YOSHIKO-sensei who gave us a 3 10ki members a future direction!


Each performance, seeing each other’s style, encouraging each other, we joined hands.















The loud 「Harunan Call」 from everyone, I heard it aーーーll!!!!




「It was joy」 「I love you」「Thank you」
Various words from the upper and inside seats, I could hear them, various people with various feelings coming to see me, really it makes me happy.



These words, all of this just like that are my feelings too you know!! lol













And when all is said and done, it’s a 12 person performance!


The maximum performance!


Getting to show everyone made me happy!








Now, I’m at home writing my blog but,


After the performance too you know, I was totally WaiWai excited. With the members I was smiling the whole time.


Even while smiling the tears came out.




Aa, from here on I’ll be alone.



Sheese being that I won’t have the chance to be WaiWai excited with everyone.




That really makes me feel lonely.















Really I like them. I love them!!!!!





But the 11 member activities, from here I’m really looking forward to it.


Well, cause from everyone I saw a sneak peak at the lessons!
It’s incredibly cool!!!!(`・ω・´)Doyaa




Morning Musume。 from here and,


Iikubo Haruna from here,



Please continue to give us your support!!!!









For bringing me up, thank you so much!!!!






Fashion Coordinate App
EmojiEmojiWEAR EmojiEmoji



















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Saturday Night Budokan!☆ Fukumura Mizuki

2018-12-15 23:13:17
Theme:Fukumura Mizuki





Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


「Morning Musume。’18 Concert Tour Fall 〜GET SET,GO!〜 Final」


Nippon Budokan Performance Day 1EmojiEmojiEmoji


Today there were 2 new announcements tooEmoji


First off,
Harunan Idol ProduceEmojiEmoji






コスモス→Ni-na♡ Official Twitterチューリップピンク


It’s virtual idol Niーna-chanEmoji


She has a very cute way of talking and
her appearance is packed with Harunan doing as she likes styleEmojiEmoji


Transmissions are starting from today so
by all means please watchEmoji


In this way being able to announce it to everyone first is a happy event yahEmojiEmoji


These kinds of things too
Today’s performance, more than the feeling of lonlieness
it was a stage feeling like we’re supporting Haruna’s new first stepEmoji



The other thing is the best album release
it’s releasing on 3/13
「Best!Morning Musume。20th Anniversary」


Today there’s new song performances tooEmojiEmoji


By all means please GET and listen to it kayEmoji
Please do give us your support.



I wonder how today’s concert wentEmoji
Tomorrow’s concert, it should be fun getting to do it I thinkEmoji


Everyone at the Nippon Budokan venueEmoji
Everyone at the Taiwan Hong Kong Japan’s live viewing venueEmoji
Everyone watching the BS Skypaー! live broadcastEmoji
Everyone giving your power from your homes and workplacesEmoji


Being watched over by lots of everyone
It’s Morning Musume。’18    12 member last concert
Please give us your supportEmoji





Tonight’s radio
for 「Morning Jogakuin 〜Houkago Meeting〜」


it’s the 9ki10ki11ki 6 member gathered special〜Emoji
Haruna’s last attendance!
By all means please listenEmoji







Hello!Radio 「Fukumura no Heya」
Today it distributess!


The guest is Iikubo Haruna-chanEmoji


On the topic of 「Iikubo Haruna’s Graduation Special!」, it’s a special distributionEmojiEmoji


I think it’s a more fired up part than usual…. I won’t say anything else about itEmojiEmoji
By all means please listen to itEmoji


Hello!Moba Membership is here



12/16 17:00〜21:00
BS Skypaー!-san
「Morning Musume。’18 Concert Tour Fall 〜GET SET,GO!〜 Final Iikubo Haruna Graduation Special」












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#Honeycomb Niーna #PlayfulPictures #Niーna Iikubo Haruna

2018-12-15 22:44:36
Theme:Iikubo Haruna









Today was Nippon Budokan concerts!


Today, tomorrow, it’s 2days!!!



Tomorrow will be my graduation performance.



Today you know! As the tour final, I enjoyed it for all I had, to not feel lonely, I totally looked up!


But lots of you came and, happy production I hadn’t asked for from the staff, at each and every turn there were happy things that warmed my heart (*´꒳`*)




Waーーーー! Tomorrow, what kind of day will it be?!
I’m DokiDoki heart-pounding (*´ー`*)!






And today it got announced but,


I, Iikubo Haruna, get to be virtual idol “Niーna”’s producer!



I, as producer, obsessed over the visuals, she’s a very cute girl (*´꒳`*)



Well right away from tonight, Niーna’s Twitter and YouTube channel opened, and commemorating as I should, I’ve gotten the first contribution too〜!






[tl note: Youtube video, please go to her site to view]





↑From here is the commemorative first contribution!



And Twitter is here




After graduation I said I want to do all kinds of challenge but, first off, my first announcement is this (^^)



At the time of the Budokan performance, facing all the fans I wanted to do the performance connecting to my next thing so, getting to announce this, and conveying that it’ll be my work right after graduating too made me glad ╰(*´︶`*)╯♡



Support for Niーna too, please give us your support!





Today you know, I took lots of pictures playing around with the members〜








We smiled and laughed (*´◒`*)!










Love from the staff!!!!






Tomorrow, I’ll give my everything!


Please give me your support!!!!




Fashion Coordinate App
EmojiEmojiWEAR EmojiEmoji












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2018-12-15 06:19:00




An early updateニヤリニヤリニヤリ






Homerun Dome presents
『Michishige Sayumi SAYUMIN Special!』


Everyone who listened
thank you so muchジンジャーブレッドマン




The talk,
it was pretty much in a Christmas Mode huh??プレゼント誕生日帽子クリスマスベルクリスマスツリーサンタ




It was fun yah!❤️
Pictures from the recordingピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート






The 2 Lovelys, cute, good girls…ラブラブ
and… it was funny!!!!!!
I want to see them again yahー♡







from now I’m going to Hong Kong✈︎✈︎✈︎



I get to celebrate BIG HONOR Entertainment-san’s 30 Anniversary!



It’s been a while since I’ve been to Hong Kong♩
I’m looking forward to it yahピンク音符ピンク音符ピンク音符ピンク音符











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