The Popcorn Bucket I Wanted♡ I Got to GET It, Disney Coordi Complete♡

2017-11-07 14:27:10


I wanted it


宝石赤A shell popcorn bucket宝石ブルー





I GOT ITtt!!!!!



Moreover, this Mermaid Lagoon is
one of my beloved areas宝石紫宝石赤宝石ブルー


Well that’s to say…


these hues









Surrounded by my beloved colors
it’s such a joyハート




The hidden Mickey too


It’s KyunKyun heart-skipping…ハート


By the way for this popcorn bucket


I put curry flavor insideハート







My personal グッ favored キラキラ


Disneysea Popcorn Flavorsくるくる!


The BEST3!!


拍手patipati ClapClap拍手



First offff!



3rd place → Caramel flavor


2nd place → Curry flavor




1st Place → Black Pepper




拍手patipati ClapClap拍手



That’s itt!!!!!


Of course I like the salty kind



They go with beer… (There?! )





Everyone, what flavors from sea do you like?




If you like please tell me音符



A preview for next timeee宝石赤





【Little Snacks To Go With Alcohol At Sea生ビール


If you like please look at it宝石赤





I’m currently updating my redone Instagram tooおいで






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23 Years Old (*^^*)! Iikubo Haruna

2017-11-07 00:00:20
Theme:Iikubo Haruna










Iikubo Haruna, has turned 23 (*´꒳`*)!!














For always supporting me thank you so much.



The picture is, birthday goods outfit♡






Since reaching 22 1 year has gone in a flash!


22 years old, not getting influenza, not having badd skin, I think I’ve firmly visually controlled my health care(*´◒`*)☆



At 22 years old one thing that changed, with Yantan my favorite motto went from 「One Day One Book」 to 「Choose the Best Of What You Want To Do」.



Really I want to use the time to do what I want to do so, I feel like it’d be a waste of time to worry about what to do with my life every day!



There’s lots I should do s I can do the things I want to do so, I want to use my time for that.




And I want to increase the things I like!


I think it’s good to be thorough with one thing but (for me my specialization is manga),



In life, I think it’s more fun to have lots of things to like




Of the things I like, having knowledge of that, learning a lot, I want to be an interesting person.




For me what it means to be an interesting person, I’ll write about it again later kay!














The last day of me being 22 was a day off☆



What did I do you say?…



I went to the dentist, went to seitai, and the salon (*´◒`*)



Turning 23 it was a day of self-improvement☆









Here, I’ll put up the picture from when I was a baby that I found at my Baba (Grandma-chan)’s house that I wrote on the blog the other day kay.
































( ^∀^)


Of course my look when I was a baby is laughable huh.





That now that I properly became a big sister it’s a relief!! (I say myself)




From here on as well I’ll DonDon steadily change, and become a person overflowing with charm so please watch kay(*´꒳`*)!!




For 23 year old Iikubo Haruna too, please continue to give her your support!





Fashion Coordinate App
EmojiEmojiWEAR EmojiEmoji












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Cafe Visit☆Fukumura Mizuki

2017-11-06 22:54:41
Theme:Fukumura Mizuki


Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


Today with Masaki-chan the 2 of us went to a cafeEmoji


For that cafe is〜Emoji
SukiSukiDaisuki & Koi Pink Daisuki 100Manten cafeEmojiEmoji
[tl: Like Like Loved & Deep Pink Love 100 Perfect]


That’s rightー!
It’s the 『20th Year Morning Coffeeー〜20th Morning Musume。 ANNIVERSARY CAFE〜』ー♪♪♪


In the store there were those who ordered Mizuki’s planned drink 「Koi Pink Daisuki 100manten」〜EmojiEmoji


It made me happyEmojiEmoji


The display and the attention point in the store
from the MVs streaming in our vision, the 2 of us talked about our memories at the timeEmoji


Masaki-chan talked about lots of behind the scenes talk
WIth this kind of revealing I don’t remember it going that way though!Emoji


At the standby location we got our drinks but
Mizuki had Duー’s original menu
I drank the 「Datsu Triple-A」〜Emoji


warm tapioca it looked totally yummy doesn’t it! Just thinking that I went with it!!!EmojiEmoji


It would’ve been good to get a picture taking with my own drink〜EmojiEmoji


I forgotEmoji


The gradation of black tea and pink and
the star shaped Nati de coco is cute so🌟
it’s yummy💕Emoji


And so everyone, when drinking it get a picture kay


I want to go to the cafe again you know〜♪


By all means thoes who get to go to the store please enjoy it kayEmoji



After that was Hello!Moba original show
「Fukumura no Heya」 recordingEmoji


The guest this time was
Angerme’s Takeuchi Akari-chan♡
At last she came〜
Radio with Akari-chan!


Here’s our first time talk talking on radio too!


Well, it haturally came out!Emoji
Of course we’re looking back you knowEmoji
It ended up being like a light class reunion!Emoji


11/14~ it releases!


By the way, the currently released one
It might be interesting to hear from those of you who listened to the release with Juice=Juice’s Miyamoto Karin-chanEmojiEmoji


Please do me the favor♪


Fukumura Mizuki Birthday Event 2017 Original Goods Mail Order Start! 


Morning Musume。’17 15th Album 「⑮ Thank you, too」 Release Comemmoration Talk & Handshake Event 2017/11/24 (Fri) 19:00~ Tower Records Shibuya Store Rooftop Announcement




→11/27 being done at 「Morning Musume。 Formation 20th Anniversary Comemmoration Concert Tour 2017 Fall ~We are MORNING MUSUME。~」’s Venue 12/6 Release of the 15th Album 「⑮ Thank you, too」 Reservation Handshake Event Announcement




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Personally Cute Wall Finding Shoot ✩Disney✩

2017-11-06 20:28:24





Disney is really packed full
of cuteピンク音符



This time
going around the park
I felt like cute ahhーーーー
finding a wall I took picturesカメラハート


First off here下矢印





A Wall Across New York Deli音符


Here carrying my own favorite Food and
favorite goods
taking it I got to take cute photogenic









Across from American Waterfront’s
Popcorn counter wall音符


With my Stella・Lou-chan
coin case I tried taking shotsうさぎハート





This here too behind American Waterfront’s
hotdog selling wagon
an overseas style wallキラキラ








A wreath decorating in Xmas style
it has me a flutter サンタクリスマスツリープレゼントキラキラ


I did a shoot holding popcornカメラハート



By the way the flavor is
my beloved
black pepper flavor



I didn’t put it in the popcorn bucket
so thta I could have
the popcorn bucket after thisハート


(※Even though I should’ve held back buying the bucket, I’m the person who couldn’t hold back and bought black pepper flavor. lol)


It was yummyyy乙女のトキメキ



Everyone too, when you go to the park
find your favorite walls
and try talking photogenic pictures kay音符カメラ



A preview for next timeee拍手キラキラ





【Constantly Aiming At What I Want So Much
Finally GETting The Popcorn Bucketくちびる



I’m currently updating my redone Instagram tooおいで






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✩Happy Beauty Items✩ Extra Version


2017-11-06 13:26:01






The other day deliveries arrived!!!












✩Face Lotion✩
✩Beauty Gel Cream✩
✩Make-up Remover✩
✩Face Washing Foam✩


I got a set of these 4!!


These, I’ve used them countless time
They’re my beloved beauty items so
it makes me very very happyーーーーアイシャドウマニキュア






Thank you so muchくちびる宝石ブルー宝石赤



I get to use it preciouslyyyy!!!!!



By all means everyone please try to use it✩



Beauty items I
GOT lots of others too so
another time I’ll up them tooーーー!!





I’m currently updating my redone Instagram too拍手






Please follow me!!!!!





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Kaーmiーsaーーmaーーーーー✩Photogenic With DisneyFood ✩

2017-11-06 11:19:42




This time
with this Food
to take photogenic pictures
I came around to this spottt✩


[tl note: In Toy Story in Japanese, they apparently call “THE CLAW” Kami-sama/God]




The recommended photo spot I picked was…カメラ



Of courseーー


American Waterfront


Toy Story Mania Area




That’s it!!!!!





There’s lots of colorful walls so
I could take cute picturesーーー星カラフル






I like the little green men voicesssハート
It’s cuteー you knowー♡



And more than anything they taste yummyーーーマカロン


There’s 3 different flavors too






That’s itttピンクマカロン



I like the chocolate flavor the mostピンク音符





サングラスAnd I GOT these goods tooサングラス




This, I didn’t GET itー


Kazun GOT itサングラス


He lent it to me


I took some of Sunglasses Kazun


just scowling. lol



The weather was really good so
it was radiant
the sunglasses got great use!!


For Disney Sunglasses
when taking Food and goods, I just placed them horizontally
it looked very cute so
I thought! Lucky!




Taking very cute pictures
it was greatly satisfying!!!





When going by all means try to take shots kayカメラハート



A preview for next timeee拍手



【With Cute Walls Taking Just Photogenic Pictures】








If you like please lookハート




I’m currently updating my redone Instagram tooおいで







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2500☆Fukumura Mizuki

2017-11-05 23:00:56


Theme:Fukumura Mizuki



Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji



Concerts at IbarakiEmoji
Haa〜 It was fun〜!!


Today for Chiichan
it was her 3rd anniversary joining Hello!ProjectEmoji
3rd Anniversary in Country Girls!


Tomorrow we’re waiting for events too yah!


Chiicahn in her small body has firm stamina, she’s amazingEmoji


At the concert when we meet eyes her smile is cute tooEmoji


Since joining Morning Musume。
I get to see lots of base Chiichan and finding out various things about her makes me happyEmoji


From here on too let’s do well together kay♪
We got provisions from Chiicahn’s family
Gochisousama DesuEmojiEmoji



And! Well! We 9ki
It’s 2500 days since joined Morning Musume。 I hear! lol


Eripon put it in an app🌟
That’s 2500 days!!!
we learned that


Everyone did you know?!
TekaTeka gleaming, we found out after the show but
it’s not particularly clean cut huh lol lol


Eripon went,
「I had to say itー!The App just said so!!」 she regretted it though lol


Everyone! Please celebrate it magnificently!
This halfway through? Day 2500! lol


Just Eripon regretting it
she deleted he App!! lol


And and!!!
Today’s concert, had another surpriseEmojiEmojiEmoji


With in today’s Ibaraki performances
turning 23 on 11/7


EmojiWe celebrated Harunan’s birthdayEmoji


Honey color cyalumes and a Harunan CallEmoji
It was such a surprise I’d have mistaken it for her own return home performane?!ーEmojiEmoji


With everyone’s feelings like that, it made me very happyEmoji
The members also delivered lots tooEmoji



That you know…
during the concert Duー
she said she didn’t get a feel of her graduating but


Mizuki feels it!
If she tells me that kind of stuffit feels like that even more


This kind of fun concerts too
with this current tour there’s only 12 left so


Now preciously, so it feels like you want to come again we’ll be doing concertsEmoji


Everyone who attended
Thank you so muchEmoji




20th ,Year’s Morning Coffee 20th Anniversary Cafe Ticket Purchases From Here
→11/19(Sun) 23:00~24:30
Space Shower TV Plus 「Morning Musume。 20th Anniversary Special」
Ai no Tane (20th Anniversary Ver.)/Morning Musume。20th Currently distributing!






【mora Hi-Res】













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✩Extra Edition✩ Today is Papa’s Birthday!!!

2017-11-05 22:40:36








11/5 is!!!!!

バースデーケーキPapa’s Birthdayバースデーケーキ





With the family it seems they celebrated
I got this sent by my Mama音符



I didn’t get to celebrateit together with them, it’s unfortunateえーん汗



I feel like I want to celebrate it on another day音符



Papa Congratulations.



Always kind
he treats mama
and family preciously



THe best of the strongest Papa.



Being born from Papa
really I’m thankful.


From here too please stay very very
healthy and energetic



From my heart







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More Than The Moonlight Too Iikubo Haruna

2017-11-05 22:11:38


Theme:Iikubo Haruna





Yesterday was a full moon so, for the first time in a while I looked at O-moon-sama from an astronomical telescope (*^^*)









I did my best and took a picture from the telescope (*´꒳`*)
(I modified the angle so that north is up)




More than pictures, it really was very veーry pretty!



The moon’s light is radiant,


Aa, for me this moon is so radiant.


The story of what I thought about I did as today’s concert’s MC☆ lol





I according to the members am a romanticist so, I love the moon and the stars and stuff (*´-`)




That me, with today’s concert night performance, had a very fantastic surprise!!



It’s 2 day before my birthday and so, from all the fans when the encore happened they gave an 「Harunan Call」, and the venue was filled with honey colored cyalumes!!!



They sang me the birthday song too…( ; ; )



It really really made me happy ( ; ; )



It was the best surprise♡



Everyone shined honey color for me,
It felt more pretty than the moonlight too (*^^*)♡!




Everyone who came to the concert today, really thank you so much (*´◒`*)!!










Recently, my home’s 3rd daughter (The Otaku) has been constantly watching Cardcaptor Sakura but,


I, was at that exact generation so, already it’s nostalgic nostalgic.


The opening and ending was sung too.






Return to the form you should be



Huhu, nostalgic (*´◒`*)♡♡♡




When I was in my first year of elementary school, I was coloring it in you know.


Mama too I gave her 1 page to color in, Mama colored Tomoyo-chan’s hair blonde, 「Coloring is art. It’s fine to color freely so, even blonde is fine。」 She said


But I wanted to colored it to go with the anime coloring, and so I remember I bawled out. lol






And then, last night too, Cardcaptor Sakura was on TV so I watched it,


Once again I was taken by all the cute. I liked Yukito-san.


That is, I like light color themes so, it was since I was young… I realized it just now… Σ੧(❛□❛✿)



And so now, looking at Yukito-san I’m still taken back but,


Sakura-chan, Tomoyo-chan, Syaoran-kun, Meiling-chan, and even her big brother and father are fantastic, I’m taken aback.


I can’t get enough of the cuteness of the costumes that Tomoyo-chan prepares for Sakura! I want to wear them all!



But the one I watched yesterday, it was the fight Clow card episode, Meiling was very cute, her costume and her hairstyle both.




And then, to this point I’ve written something long but, when it comes to something I wanted to do,







I’m went with the flow and did it。


Meiling-chan’s hairstyle。









Really, it’s straight though huh…


Yesterday I curled my hair that’s why!




From next year a new series of Cardcaptor Sakura starts and so, I look forward to getting into it again.



For sure, I’m drawn to it forever…!




With this hairstyle, after seeing Cardcaptor Sakura and using the astronomical telescope and seeing the full moon, I ended up feeling like Sailor Moon too.






In 2 days, it’s my birthday!


And the 10ki bus tour is the 8th, 9th and so, for some people it’s Harunan WEEK(*^^*)



I need to celebrate…






Tsuki ni Kawatte Oshiokiyo!


Huhuhu, for following along for a long time, thank you so much〜╰(*´︶`*)╯♡





Fashion Coordinate App
EmojiEmojiWEAR EmojiEmoji











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With Everyone♪

2017-11-05 15:48:29





A scene from yesterday’s Wasedasai Talk Showキラキラキラキラ
Lots of you came照れ照れ照れ





At the end of the event, a photoshoot with everyone \(^o^)/


With everyone, Usachan Peaceうさぎうさぎうさぎ



And getting to meet everyone, really I was happy照れ
Ot was fun huh〜♪♪
Thank you so muchピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート








This time I’m indebted to
everyone from 『Waseda University Advertisement Research Class』カメラ










Thank you so much!!!
It was very KiraKira sparkling, fantastic✨✨
From here on as well, with your student lives, please have fun kayウインクルンルン



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