#KokoWaImaKaraRinriDesu。 #MioYamazaki san #Aimyon san Iikubo Haruna

2018-06-30 21:24:09
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Today was various meet-ups in Shibuya!



Everyone who came, thank you so much♡



Well, you’re reading the blog so, there are lots of you that even though it’s embarrassing you give your all to convey your 「love」, that made me very happy(*´꒳`*)♡


Thanks to that I was full of cheer all day today(*´◒`*)



A Love that’s heavy, so much so it’s just right.


That’s how I feel (`・∀・´)sharp



And so, I also want to have have lots of love but, at that point it might burn jealousy so please be careful (*´꒳`*)♡ lol












The manga that’s in my bad today is 「Koko wa Ima kara Rinri desu.」 [tl approx: From now this is ethics]!



Reading vol. one it was interseting, so I bought vol. two but, Takayaki-sensei is cool…! This coolness, I want a response〜〜!!!



But I bought it thinking I should read it but, today during break time iI was listening to MV and music the whole time and couldn’t readi t so, tomorrow I think I’ll bring it again!


By the way, why I’m listening to is Mio Yamazaki-san and Aimyon-san (*´꒳`*)


Lately I’ve been really into them I’m listening to them allーーー the time.
I love both of their singing voices (*´◒`*)
Of course they each have different voices but I get charmed by them, lost listening to them.
MV too I’m fascinated by their unique world view…!



And so you know, at the next Rock In japan getting to work with Aimyon-san makes me so happy happy, I can’t help it!!
I’d be great if I get to see her live (*´꒳`*)!!







Tonight once again I’m having a meal with Ikuta-san and my Mama, the 3 of us ( ^ω^ ) lol lol
















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Twin☆ Fukumura Mizuki

2018-06-30 22:33:00
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Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


Morning Musume。’18   65th Double A-side Single
「 Are you Happy? / A gonna 」 Release Commemoration Various Meet-ups♪


Everyone who participated
Thank you so muchEmojiEmoji




It was an unexpected and surprising PonPon Cheki
For this single it’s the first signing event too


Those of you for the first time in a while〜Emoji
Those of you for the first timeEmoji
Those of you who always comeEmoji


For the first event in a 1 week
today we got to talk a lot too, that was funEmoji


Thank you so much♪




Today was hot since morning huh〜EmojiEmoji


Hot outside, with effective cooling inside
I’m not good with this so for Mizuki today was cold thoughEmoji


Everyone too, with the temperature changes and stuff, from now there’s summer heat fatigue too so
please take care of your health too kayEmoji



With the spring tour, Mizuki had done hairstyles
and lots of you told me a lot I liked thisー and this one is cute yah〜〜Emoji





Today in Osaka is various meet-upsEmoji
We’ll be waitingEmoji


Today I need to take a bath early then sleepー(*´꒳​`*)





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Photobook Variety☆ Fukumura Mizuki

2018-06-29 22:55:29
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Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji



It’s been a while〜 huh
I did Hello!Radio 「Fukumura no Heya」 recording〜EmojiEmoji



The guest was
Hello!Moba PR Secretary, the regular
Yanagawa Nanami-chanEmoji


Yanamin Congrats on your Photobook Releaseー!
(THANKS for the Kanatomo visual book tooー!)


I saw it being edited♡
We looked at them so much, they’re a possibility too that there’s cuts cuts for the radio broadcast…笑い泣きEmojiEmoji



For Yanamin’s photobook, I saw it together with Nonaka Chel-chan some time before so, it’s my second timeー(´ ˘ `๑)♡


For Kanazawa Tomoko-chan’s it was my first timeEmojiEmoji


SO much of the pages I like were the same as Yanamin, our tastes match huh♡ I felt thatEmojiEmoji




For the new corner
the theme 「Summer Fes」 had lots of letters, I was surprised!!!
Thank you so much for the fantastic EmojiEmoji


Distribution day is 7/2!
Look forward to itEmojiEmoji



Summer Hello! rehearsals are starting tooEmojiEmojiEmoji
Today all at once we did lots of songs so I have to remember itー





Yokoyama Reina-chan’s 1st photobook


This is out now too yahーーーー!!!


Of course it’s the same
I’ve looked through Yokoyan’s photobook completelyEmoji


The 1st shot even though everyone’s got various expressions I thought ti was very fantastic♪
The uniform and that page were superーー cuteEmoji



What should I do… with today’s blog
I ended up seeming like a person who really likes photobooks…EmojiEmoji


I’m saying that but
today there were things I couldn’t really do that well…


It was a little depressingEmoji
I need to review it myselfーEmoji




Well Tomorrow is〜ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ


At Belle Salle Shibuya First
65th’s release commemoration’s various meet-upsEmoji


If lotso f you come it’ll make me happy yah~EmojiEmoji


Let’s have a fun event~ kayEmoji
We’ll be waitingEmoji







「Soccer Game King」 Yokoyama Reina Front Cover!!
「Shuukan SPA!」(Ishida.Satou.Oda.Yokoyama)
「BARFOUT!」(All Members)
「OVERTURE」(All Members)


WaniBooks 『Morning Musume。20th Anniversary Commemoration Official Book』 Now on sale!!!!





Hello!Radio 「Fukumura no Heya」
Hello!Moba membership registration is here2607.gif
Ogata Haruna-chan guest episode now distributing!
New songs MV Promotion Edit are released!
 →Morning Musume。’18 Channel
65th Single VR Video
Please watch it here








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2018-06-29 13:15:29







There’s handshake events for my photobook’s release commemoration events but!!



Continuing from Shinjuku・Nagoya
a handshake event in Kobe has been scheduled tooハートハート



7/22 (Sun) 16:30〜
Fukuya Shotenハイヒール Kobe Storeカバン





Details are here!












Koba huh!♡ I’m looking forward to it yahラブラブラブラブラブラブ


By all means, please come to see meキラキラうさぎ







Photobook off shotピンクハート








At this time, it was so cold 💦


Wrapped in a blanket,
even more the make-up artist-san was putting warm air in it with a dryer!ドライヤー




For the clothes in the blankettttt!!!












Please look in the photobookパー







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2018-06-29 07:52:09














From 2 week ago’s






Did you know I appeared on the corner for a little bit???パー






The one up’d just yesterday



On TinyTiny
















If you like watch it kayニコニコニコニコニコニコ







By the way
Do you know what Herbariums are???
They’re kinda popular to do right now!!






That, herbarium making,



it’s really








I totally wouldn’t say I have a sense for it though /(^o^)\









Chili pepper Lightbulb 🌶💡






I never would’ve thought of using chili peppers!



The staff-san told me that lol







Chili pepper lightbulbs you know,
When placed on the lit turning box stand, the surrealism of it wasn’t holding backニヤリ









There’s all kinds but
of course, I felt like it was really fun thinking what I’d make myself!!⭐️



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TVTou Ongakusai☆ Fukumura Mizuki

2018-06-28 23:55:17
Theme:Fukumura Mizuki




Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


Yesterday, on TVTou Ongakusai 2018
Morning Musume。’18 got to appearEmoji



Everyone who watched in front of a TV
everyone who came all the way to Yokohama for support
thank you so muchEmoji




Before the broadcast there was incredibly strong winds〜EmojiEmoji


While being blown around by the wind
there was support from everyone watchingEmoji


The new song 「Are you Happy?」


Was even more fun, and fired up
it was 2 minutes but, it was like doing an outdoor liveEmojiEmoji


Really, thank you so muchEmoji



Our senpai were in the studio♡
Nakazawa Yuuko-san
Iida Kaori-san
Ishiguro Aya-san
Fukuda Asuka-san
Yasuda Kei-san
Yaguchi Mari-san
Yoshizawa Hitomi-san


Goto Maki-san was on relay in various locations too!!



Each generation, our senpai sparkling KiraKira singing what matched the time, it was impressive Emoji


We ’18 members too
from here on I’ll try even harder tooEmojiEmoji





Yesterday the members were gathered so we celebrated Chiichan’s 1 year anniversaryEmoji
With Haーchin too, for sure Chiichan will be overjoyed huh!! We talked about it
Actually we worked out this plan quite a while backEmojiEmoji


Haーchin was on standby on a video screen as a surpriseーーEmojiEmojiEmoji


Chiichan told us the most important thing right nowEmoji


Messages from members & even a message from Haーchin before she graduated were written, and as presents we gave a one of a kind spray and a usually good sprayプレゼント


Spray for idols is very important you know⚠️Emoji




Chiichan let’s continue to support each other in your 2nd year kayEmoji



Today was all day shootsEmoji





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2018-06-27 22:00:15










Today’s work
was fーun!!!!





My hair yah!
I got it cut againハートハートハート




How is it?






Even if I’m told it’s NG I can’t do anything about it anyway though 😭


It’s about the same length as when I suddenly cut it at the beginning of the yearーラブ






When I curled my hair,
I thought, you can’t really tell the length huh!?
So I used a straight iron猫



Straight, it’s like thisニコ













Laters kay!ラブ



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#Otaku and #MenBre ‘s Common Terminology Iikubo Haruna

2018-06-27 21:39:52
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I suddenly realized it but,


For me,when living my manga and all kind of ota life, 「Impossible」「Tiresome」「Tough」 those words come out but


When having a mental break too, the words 「Impossible」「Tiresome」「Tough」 come out you know〜〜



In joyful time and hard times the words that come out are the same.



What isn’t common is 「Precious」 yah ( ^ω^ ) lol



Well, when spelling it out, it’s the same so, if you don’t actually hear the nuance when it’s said, you can’t tell, it’s an interesting point huh.






Today we got to appear live on TVTokyo 「TVTou Ongakusai 2018」!









The usual eyeshadow from Matsuoka Mayu-san,with the previous Ai-Shadow [tl love shadow], I did my make-up!


And a ponytail!


I put my spirit into it!






Please watch, the pretty ajisai are currently blooming.










Plants and stuff are narutally pretty things, it makes me jealous, but they’re soothing yah (*´꒳`*)





Today we celebrated Morito Chisaki-chan’s 1 year anniversary joining Morning Musume。 as a surprise〜〜


Chiichan was surprised and overjoyed, it was cute…♡


Yokoyama’s photobook released today was also cute…♡



The 2 of them together, congratulations〜〜!



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Morning Musume。'18☆ Fukumura Mizuki

2018-06-27 17:46:16
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Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


Today Morning Musume。’18
gets to appear on 『 TVTou Ongakusai 2018 』…♪*゚


This evening 5:55〜, of the 5 hour live broadcastEmoji


Morning Musume。’18


Fukumura Mizuki… Acting leader, Fukuchan
Ikuta Erina… Sub-leader, golf specialist ♯EriponCute


Iikubo Haruna… Subleader, Eldest of us using WEAR, Harunan
Ishida Ayumi… Touhoku Musume。 Small body, clean dance, Ayumin
Satou Masaki… Her feel that day, will it be cool? NicoNico smiling? Maーchan


Oda Sakura… Mature? 19 year old songstress, Sakura


Nonaka Miki… English proficient, MekiMeki conspicuously growing in song too, Chel
Makino Maria… Baseball lover, slender, cute Marianne ♡LOVE♡rin
Haga Akane… Real Musume。 Youngest, very much a beauty, Akanechin


Kaga Kaede… Short hair, with her long limbs, her dance is beautiful, Kaedi
Yokoyama Reina… Younger sister power, NicoNico smiling smile, KirakKira sparkling Yokoyan


Morito Chisaki… with found charm still hidden that isn’t just cuteness, the member with a surprising side too, dance skilled Chiichan


That 14ki Chiichan, yesterday 6/26 reached her 1st anniversary since joining Morning Musume。EmojiEmojiEmoji


Gradually getting the hang of it, every day seeing her enjoying activities, I feel like, Aa〜I’m glad you knowEmoji


Chiichanクラッカー Concratsラブラブ




Today it’ll be our first TV appearance since we became a 12 member groupEmoji


By all means
please notice Morning Musume。’18 kayEmoji


Today our OG senpai are appearing tooEmoji


It’s coming soon
This evening’s 5:55〜 live broadcastーEmoji
By all means please watchEmoji






「Soccer Game King」 Yokoyama Reina Front Cover!!
「Shuukan SPA!」(Ishida.Satou.Oda.Yokoyama)
「BARFOUT!」(All Members)
「OVERTURE」(All Members)


WaniBooks 『Morning Musume。20th Anniversary Commemoration Official Book』 Now on sale!!!!





Hello!Radio 「Fukumura no Heya」
Hello!Moba membership registration is here2607.gif
Ogata Haruna-chan guest episode now distributing!
New songs MV Promotion Edit are released!
 →Morning Musume。’18 Channel
65th Single VR Video
Please watch it here







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#BelovedPerson #SourceOfEnergy #MemberMeal Iikubo Haruna

2018-06-26 21:12:46
Theme:Iikubo Haruna








Today work is in the evening so I had lunch with Angerme’s Wada Ayaka-chan♡








A, this is after we ate dessert. lol




I totally wanted to see her!


We finally got to meet!



Haaーーーーーー It cheered me uppppーーー!!



Thinking up what we could do if we had time to do something is fun. lol
First off I want to go to all kinds of places in Japan yah!






And after rehearsals finished, I had a meal with Yokoyama Reina-chan♡









Ah, this is dessert…lol




For a bit I firmly ended up taking in food and desserts!!!!
So bad! Tonight I need a steady massage!!!!



Yokoyama chats a lot too, it was very fun!


That’s a point that we’re similiar yah〜( ^ω^ )



Talking about things I could do if we had the time with Yokoyama was fun too! lol


It’s fun making things to look forward to in the future yah, for sure!



Events, things you like, making lots of things to look forward to, I think that makes life brighter.




For my situations, when I’m full at my limits, meeting people I love, and talking becomes my breather so,
I’m glad that today, I got to spend afternoon and evening both with 2 people I love(*´꒳`*)






Tomorrow on TVTokyo 「TVTou Ongakusai 2018」, we get to appear live☆


Evening time 5:55〜



By all means please watch kayーーーー(*´◒`*)♡





For my clothes today, it’s a merry jenny dot one piece♡
Look at it KAY!





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