[Guide-ish] Hello!Pro Tap Live!

(Last Updated  2015/04/28)

So made your way into the Hello!Pro Tap Live application, waited out the long download after starting up the first time, picked out your Avatar, and started your game. But now what do you do? Well this guide won’t cover everything but will help you navigate the game in it’s current iteration*.

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SayuBook – Fashion Coordinate 4 of 4

Here’s the last from the fashion coordinate category, time sure does fly by doesn’t it ?
I am still wondering whether I should do translations for SayuBook’s “7 item…7 days”, so if there are a lot who are interested please do let me know and I will consider doing it.

But after this, I will be moving on and will be doing Sayu’s hair & make-up section, so it’s not the last yet !

Sayu will be introducing to us her party dresses she has for special occasions and her shoes collection ! The brands of where the clothes and items come from are noted on the page, so do look out for it ~ (page 33)

⁂Please do not re-edit the pictures that I have posted. Also for maximum enjoyment, please do purchase the book ! I am mainly doing these translations for people who do not understand japanese and are curious of its contents ^^

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Comments & feedbacks are much appreciated. Thank you for reading up till here(´∀`)♡